The Myth of Depression as Disease

The Myth of Depression as Disease Author Allan M. Leventhal
ISBN-10 0275989763
Release 2006
Pages 178
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Spotlights what the authors believe to be an overprescription and overuse of antidepressant medications to treat depression. Details how pharmaceutical treatments have been oversold to the public, and challenges the effectiveness of drug therapy for depression.

The Myth of the Chemical Cure

The Myth of the Chemical Cure Author J. Moncrieff
ISBN-10 9780230589445
Release 2016-04-13
Pages 278
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This book overturns the idea that psychiatric drugs work by correcting chemical imbalance and analyzes the professional, commercial and political vested interests that have shaped this view. It provides a comprehensive critique of research on drugs including antidepressants, antipsychotics and mood stabilizers.

More Than the Blues

More Than the Blues Author Eileen Lucas
ISBN-10 0766030652
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 112
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"Examines depression and mood disorders, including the causes of depression, a history of the illness, the various types of mood disorders, and treatment methods"--Provided by publisher.

Depression A Misunderstood Disease

Depression   A Misunderstood Disease Author Stephanie Mallet
ISBN-10 9781105914331
Release 2013-03-13
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That ten million Americans are affected by depression every year? That more women than men suffer from depression? Unfortunately many people with depression either go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed due to a lack of knowledge. This is scary because for the depressed person life can become a living hell leading to serious consequences. Taking the first step The first step is discovering if you do suffer from depression. The next step is understanding what depression is all about and how to deal with it. Most information about depression is written in technical terms and unless you are a trained therapist you will need a medical dictionary to decipher the content. What's really needed is a guide that is easy to read and understand. That's where "DEPRESSION A Misunderstood DISEASE" comes in. It is unlike anything else out there that discusses depression. It is easy to digest and understand. But most importantly it gives you answers!

Chemically Imbalanced

Chemically Imbalanced Author Wade Brill
ISBN-10 9781602666474
Release 2007-06
Pages 188
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Brill confronts the myth that depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders are the result of chemical imbalances or other physical causes. He provides a biblical explanation for these disorders and shows the path to freedom that is available to all who are alive in Christ. (Christian)

Rethinking Depression

Rethinking Depression Author Kristina Downing-Orr
ISBN-10 9781489901019
Release 2013-11-27
Pages 164
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As both an academic and professional psychologist, my background is somewhat unique. Most psychologists either opt for the research route, where they study human behavior in the hope of generating insightful theories, or they choose to work clinically with clients and patients. The problems with these distinct pathways should seem appar ent. In their academic role, research psychologists study and gener ate numerous theories about people, both as individualsandas social beings. However, while their conclusions may provide the basis for therapeutic work, research psychologists are not clinicians. Con versely, clinical psychologists and other therapists are trained princi pally to work with clients and patients. While many clinicians carry out research projects, their time is mostly spent offering professional help to people. Although both roles serve to advance the science and practice of psychology, researchers in their ivory towers may find their abstract theories and conclusions are inapplicable in the "real world," whereas therapists might discover they work within pre scribed treatment frameworks without questioning the limits of these approaches. Because of my two professional roles, I have aimed to bridge this gap. Here, I have combined my experiences of researching and treat ing depression with the intentions of improving treatments and of encouraging better communication between the two psychologies. Kristina Downing-Orr Oxford, England V Acknowledgments Many people provided the inspiration for this book, and I will be etemally grateful for all their assistance.

Depression and Mood Disorders

Depression and Mood Disorders Author Judith Levin
ISBN-10 9781404217980
Release 2008-08
Pages 48
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Explains what depression is, how to identify it and how to treat it.

Depression Book Series The Perfect Guide to Understand Depression and Its Myths and Facts to Easily Overcome Depression for Life

Depression Book Series   The Perfect Guide to Understand Depression and Its Myths and Facts to Easily Overcome Depression for Life Author Kristy Clark
ISBN-10 9781329197329
Release 2015-09-28
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3 Guides Included In 1 Complete Volume. Writer, Kristy Clark, has combined all three of her informative, depression guides into one concise download. Every aspect of depression is covered, from signs and symptoms, to diagnosis and treatment. Depression manifests itself in so many ways, and is clinically different for men compared to women. Learn the facts and come to recognize the early signs before your life, or the life of a loved one, is swallowed up in this voracious disease. Educating yourself might mean the difference between life and death for many suffering from this plaque on the human mind. There is a wealth of information contained herein. The focus goes well beyond coping with depression, offering life-saving tips to overcome and cure the malady. Get started today by downloading this set of three valuable guides.

Depression Myths and Facts About Depression Learn How to Beat and Overcome Depression Naturally and Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life

Depression   Myths and Facts About Depression  Learn How to Beat and Overcome Depression Naturally and Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life Author Kristy Clark
ISBN-10 9781329111905
Release 2015-09-28
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If you or a loved one suffers from depression, you know the sense of despair and hopelessness that accompany the diagnosis. It is much more than just feeling sad or unhappy, but is characterized as a systemic problem that leads to unstable emotions, torpidity, and gloom. Depression affects millions of people around the world and is treated in a number of different ways; pharmaceuticals being the most prevalent. There is a place for 'drugs' in the therapy of depression but there are a host of natural methods, which may work in conjunction with traditional medical treatment to provide long-lasting relief. This book will debunk the myths that swirl around 'depression' and give you the straight scoop on what's factual and what's misguided logic. Download this book today and learn the facts and forget the myths about Depression. Decide to institute the lifestyle changes that will bring you happiness and joy. Reading this guide will get you started on the right track.

You Mean I Don t Have to Feel This Way

You Mean I Don t Have to Feel This Way Author Colette Dowling
ISBN-10 055337169X
Release 1993-05-01
Pages 289
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Argues that there is a biological basis for depression and addictive disorders


Depression Author Wendy Moragne
ISBN-10 9780761358824
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 128
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Examines the history, forms, and treatment options for depression, a disease that affects a person's moods.

Hear My Silence

Hear My Silence Author Karina Colgan
Release 2016-05-17
Pages 323
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Dublin journalist Karina Colgan was rescued from the apartment she had barricaded herself into by her husband Gerry and son Karl, who feared for her life. Karina – like one in four people in Ireland – found herself unexpectedly fighting depression and for a long time did not know how to win the battle. Here she writes openly and honestly about how she felt overwhelmed by a number of events that happened over a short period of time, which saw her dealing with grief, tragedy, marriage difficulties and financial ruin. Before she knew it, she found herself in the deep, dark pits of chronic depression. But this is just the opening chapter of Karina’s book, which goes on to tell the stories of some of the 400,000 people in Ireland – women and men, old and young, including young children – who suffer from depression, and separates the myths from the facts. The book also includes practical advice from professionals for sufferers and their families on how best they can recognise and cope with this debilitating illness. Karina also writes of the stigma still surrounding this illness, often at the expense of a sufferer seeking help, and calls for greater resources to be put into providing care and treatment for those affected by it and into education for those who are not.

Treating the Aching Heart

Treating the Aching Heart Author Lawson R. Wulsin
ISBN-10 0826515614
Release 2007
Pages 226
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Why is depression bad for heart disease? And how does heart disease contribute to depression? And why is treatment for depressed people with heart disease so often inadequate? Through personal vignettes, accessible scientific explanations, and medical illustrations, Treating the Aching Heart traces the vicious cycle of depression and heart disease and points the way to better care based on cutting-edge science. The book presents a new view of depression as a broad-reaching illness with a distinct neurobiology that influences the most up-to-date model of heart disease. Treating the Aching Heart provides a window into the most studied mind-body problem, the interaction between the brain and the heart. Though many mysteries remain, in no other area is the relationship between a mental disorder and a physical disorder better understood than in the study of depression and heart disease. Anyone who has suffered from depression (about one in four U.S. adults) or some form of heart disease (also about one in four), or has a close family member with either problem, will find this book a useful guide to treatment.

Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing

Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing Author Gail Wiscarz Stuart
ISBN-10 9780323294126
Release 2014-04-14
Pages 832
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Using the latest clinical research and diagnoses, Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing, 10th Edition provides a holistic, biopsychosocial approach to psychiatric nursing care. It follows the popular Stuart stress-adaptation framework and includes comprehensive coverage to simplify important nursing and medical concepts, promote quality and safety in care, and address psychobiology and psychopharmacology topics integral to today’s psychiatry. New to this edition is a chapter on psychiatric care of military personnel, plus the latest on health care reform, prescription abuse, and obesity issues. Written by psychiatric nursing expert Gail W. Stuart, this market-leading text makes it easy to apply classroom theory to clinical practice. An easy-to-follow writing style makes it easy to understand both simple and complex topics. A well-rounded, collaborative approach provides coverage of all major psychiatric disorders from nursing and medical perspectives. The Stuart Stress Adaptation Model of health and wellness provides a consistent nursing-oriented framework, with clear explanations of biological, psychological, sociocultural, environmental, and legal-ethical components. An evidence-based practice approach bridges the gap between clinical research and everyday practice. Learning from a Clinical Case boxes begin disorders chapters with thought-provoking questions and end chapters with answers and feedback. Summarizing the Evidence boxes in the disorders chapters examine the research and findings that support psychiatric nursing care. A family focus and discussions of outpatient care reflect current trends in psychiatric nursing. A Patient Speaks and A Family Speaks boxes present short vignettes with the patient’s and family’s perspectives of the caregiving process. Competent Caring: A Clinical Exemplar of a Psychiatric Nurse boxes feature the experiences and personal insights of practicing psychiatric nurses. Medical and Nursing Diagnoses boxes and Detailed Diagnoses tables emphasize the interdisciplinary approach to patient care by presenting NANDA diagnoses relevant to specific disorders and describing the essential features of the related DSM-IV-TR diagnoses. Nursing Treatment Plan Summary tables present care plans including patient goals with nursing interventions and rationales. Patient Education Plan and Family Education Plan tables include key information that you need to share with the patient and his or her family to facilitate shorter hospital stays and more outpatient care. Therapeutic Dialogue boxes offer examples of nurse-patient interactions. Clinical examples include selected nursing diagnoses. Focus Points provide a comprehensive, point-by-point review of the important information in each chapter.

Mad Church Disease

Mad Church Disease Author Anne Jackson
ISBN-10 9780310299738
Release 2010-01-06
Pages 192
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Growing up the daughter of a pastor, Anne Jackson experienced firsthand the conflict, stress, and struggle church leaders often face. She vowed her life in ministry would be different. Yet, years later, as a church leader, she was hospitalized because stress began wreaking havoc on her body. After being released from the hospital, an associate pastor asked her, 'Does working at this church interfere with your communion with Christ?' The question was aramount in turning her life around. Thinking she wasn't alone, Anne developed a website that allowed church leaders to share their struggles. Within a few days, she was flooded with over a thousand responses from people pouring out their stories of burnout. Using anecdotal parallels between Mad Cow Disease and leadership trends in the church, she writes not only to help us realize what church leaders are facing, but also to provide practical and positive treatment plans. Mad Church Disease is a lively, informative, and potentially life-saving resource for anyone in ministry---vocational or volunteer---who would like to understand, prevent, or treat the epidemic of burnout in church culture.

How Sadness Survived

How Sadness Survived Author Paul Keedwell
ISBN-10 9781846190131
Release 2008
Pages 176
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'What I am offering is a critical overview of ideas about depression, some new, some old, which fall under the discipline of 'evolutionary psychology' (EP). Do most types of depression represent an adaptation - an evolved mechanism which has improved our survival and reproductive value in our ancestral environment? Has depression be selected? Could it still be usseful to us today? This book makes a contribution to the field while communicating the issues to a wider audience that EP currently receives and deserves. There are important implications for how we should prevent or treat increasingly common condition, and how we might view the condition in more constructive way."

Handbook of Evidence Based Practice in Clinical Psychology Adult Disorders

Handbook of Evidence Based Practice in Clinical Psychology  Adult Disorders Author Michel Hersen
ISBN-10 9781118144756
Release 2012-08-02
Pages 768
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Handbook of Evidence-Based Practice in Clinical Psychology, Volume 2 covers the evidence-based practices now identified for treating adults with a wide range of DSM disorders. Topics include fundamental issues, adult cognitive disorders, substance-related disorders, psychotic, mood, and anxiety disorders, and sexual disorders. Each chapter provides a comprehensive review of the evidence-based practice literature for each disorder and then covers several different treatment types for clinical implementation. Edited by the renowned Peter Sturmey and Michel Hersen and featuring contributions from experts in the field, this reference is ideal for academics, researchers, and libraries.