Seeking Sarah

Seeking Sarah Author ReShonda Tate Billingsley
ISBN-10 9781501156625
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 304
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On the day of her father's funeral, Brooke Green's grandmother breaks the shocking news: her mother, Sarah, is very much alive, living in Atlanta. She abandoned her family because she claimed she wasn't fit for motherhood-- but began an new career, and even has a family in Atlanta. Stunned, Brooke doesn't know if she wants answers or revenge. When she meets Sarah's husband, Tony, Brooke sees the perfect way to make her mother pay. But her plan for revenge just may leave everyone in danger, and end up costing Brooke more than she ever bargained for.

Seeking Sarah

Seeking Sarah Author Yvonne Willison
ISBN-10 9781452079578
Release 2011-01
Pages 160
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Peter Saxton is in London to find a wife. He would like nothing more than to find the girl he met in Brighton all those years ago, but has given up on that dream. Imagine his surprise when he finds her there too! Sarah WIdler is in London with her best friend Hannah Whitcomb for the season. She and her friend decide they are going to enjoy the bass, routs and various parties, as well as have a large following of admirers. What she is not going to do is get involved with one man and be married before her season ends. That was before she meets Peter Saxton again. Now her world is turned upside down. She is compromised and must marry Peter and one of her admirers sets fire to the church where she and Peter are saying their vows! Peter will do anything he can to keep Sarah safe, because once he found her he wasn't ever letting go!

Finding Sarah

Finding Sarah Author Sarah Ferguson
ISBN-10 9781439189559
Release 2012-06-26
Pages 336
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The author documents a low period in her life and how she found strength in her struggles with adversity and eventually regained her sense of purpose for her life with the help of friends and several celebrity experts.

Seeking Sarah

Seeking Sarah Author Pamela Lamb
ISBN-10 0958048908
Release 2002
Pages 188
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When Kirsty finds an old diary hidden in the chimney of the heritage-listed house she shares with her mother, it leads her on a journey of discovery about another girl who lived in the same house more than a hundred years ago. But there is more to Sarah's story than is told in her diary. As she attempts to uncover the truth, Kirsty finds herself being drawn uncomfortably close to the events of the past.

Deliberation Affects Risk Taking Beyond Sensation Seeking

Deliberation Affects Risk Taking Beyond Sensation Seeking Author Sarah Fischer
ISBN-10 OCLC:49861852
Release 2002
Pages 42
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Deliberation Affects Risk Taking Beyond Sensation Seeking has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Deliberation Affects Risk Taking Beyond Sensation Seeking also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Deliberation Affects Risk Taking Beyond Sensation Seeking book for free.

Seeking Environmental Justice

Seeking Environmental Justice Author Sarah Wilks
ISBN-10 9789042023789
Release 2008-01
Pages 294
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The 5th Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship conference was held at Oxford, UK in 2006. This decidedly trans-disciplinary, international event attracted participants from traditionally separate academic perspectives; each ambassadors for their disciplines and each seeking and making connections with other disciplines and other understandings. Some of the presentations from this conference have been further developed for inclusion in this book, yielding 14 chapters of paradigmatic richness covering issues ranging from environmental education and the nature of global multinational corporations, to the role of environmental activism and consideration of how democratically representative some campaigns may be. This book will be of great interest to anyone working in these areas as well as an excellent introductory journey for those seeking to become pan-paradigmatic.

A Seeking Heart

A Seeking Heart Author Groves Williamson
ISBN-10 156309827X
Release 2004-01-06
Pages 176
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Williamson and Groves leap past the worship style wars of contemporary Christianity to address what true worship is. It involves studying to know God, overcoming barriers to worship, passionate pursuit of God, worship rather than workship, and making room for the Spirit. Foreword by Kay Arthur.

Occupational Therapy and Physical Dysfunction

Occupational Therapy and Physical Dysfunction Author Michael Curtin
ISBN-10 9780702048777
Release 2009-10-20
Pages 672
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The sixth edition of this classic book remains a key text for occupational therapists, supporting their practice in working with people with physical impairments, stimulating reflection on the knowledge, skills and attitudes which inform practice, and encouraging the development of occupation-focused practice. Within this book, the editors have addressed the call by leaders within the profession to ensure that an occupational perspective shapes the skills and strategies used within occupational therapy practice. Rather than focusing on discrete diagnostic categories the book presents a range of strategies that, with the use of professional reasoning, can be transferred across practice settings. The new editors have radically updated the book, in response to the numerous internal and external influences on the profession, illustrating how an occupational perspective underpins occupational therapy practice. A global outlook is intrinsic to this edition of the book, as demonstrated by the large number of contributors recruited from across the world. Covers everything the student needs within the physical disorders part of their course Links theory of principles to practice and management Written and edited by a team of internationally experienced OT teachers, clinicians and managers Gives key references and further reading lists for more detailed study Written within a framework of lifespan development in line with current teaching and practice Includes practice scenarios and case studies Focuses on strategies Subtitle reflecting the primacy of occupation in occupational therapy practice Inclusion of practice scenarios to illustrate the application of theory to practice Features such as chapter summaries and key points, providing a quick overview of each chapter A focus on strategies rather than diagnostic categories Consideration of individuals, groups and communities An international perspective Language that is person-centred and inclusive New editorial team endorsed by the former editors including Annie Turner

Wild Product Governance

Wild Product Governance Author Sarah A. Laird
ISBN-10 9780415507134
Release 2012-01-09
Pages 393
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Products from the wild, also known as non-timber forest products (NTFPs), are used as medicines, foods, spices, and a multitude of other purposes. They contribute substantially to rural livelihoods, generate revenue for companies and governments, and have a range of impacts on biodiversity conservation. However, there is little information available for those seeking to develop effective policy frameworks and regulation. This book addresses that shortage with information and recommendations on the drafting, content and implementation of NTFP policies, and the broader issues of governance associated with these products. It reviews the diverse elements that combine to create laws and policies that promote sustainable and equitable management, trade and use of species. Drawing on a wealth of unique case studies from around the world, this volume examines experiences with NTFP regulation, including its sometimes unintended consequences. It looks at economic factors, the interface between traditional and western knowledge and legal systems, and relationships between NTFP regulation, land tenure and resource rights, as well as power and equity imbalances. The volume includes a review of available literature and resources, plus an annotated bibliography linked to the People and Plants International website ( Published with People and Plants International

Seeking Our Eden

Seeking Our Eden Author Joanne Findon
ISBN-10 9780773581869
Release 2015-02-01
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Although few nineteenth-century rural Canadian women could read and write well, Sarah Jameson Craig (1840-1919) was not only literate but eloquent. Unlike many women writers of her time, Craig lived at the bottom of the economic ladder. Nevertheless, she dared to dream the utopian dreams more commonly associated with educated women from the middle and upper classes. Craig vividly documented her attempt to run away at age fifteen, her plans to found a utopian colony based on alternative medicine and women’s dress reform, and her lifelong crusade for women's equality. Quoting liberally from Sarah Craig's unpublished diaries and memoir, Seeking Our Eden sets Craig's life writing within the context of her early days in New Brunswick, her later migrations to New Jersey and then westward to Saskatchewan and British Columbia, and the American-based reform and utopian movements that stirred her imagination. Convinced that the tight corsets and long skirts demanded by conventional fashion undermined the fight for women's equality, Craig wore the ""reform dress"" - a short dress over trousers - despite society's disapproval, and rejected opiate- and alcohol-based medicines in favour of the water cure. Even today, when the way women dress remains an issue, and skepticism about conventional medicine still fuels alternative health movements, Sarah Craig's early feminist voice from the margins of Canada continues to be relevant and compelling.

Prayers for Hope and Healing

Prayers for Hope and Healing Author Sarah Forgrave
ISBN-10 9780736971515
Release 2017-10-01
Pages 160
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Amid Pain and Weakness...There Is HOPE Serious or chronic medical issues bring a litany of painful and confusing feelings that only someone else who's been in a similar situation could possibly understand. Sarah Forgrave has walked the difficult road you find yourself on. And she empathizes with the uncertain future you face. No matter the road ahead, you don't have to face it alone. Even in the depths of your worst emotional and physical pain, God is right there beside you, offering His comfort, love, and peace. As you read these heartfelt prayers and devotions, let this book be your manual to help navigate the difficult set of emotions that come with health issues. Read it front to back or go directly to the devotion addressing how you feel at any given moment...when you need it the most. Above all, know that you are never, ever alone.

Seeking Understanding

Seeking Understanding Author Calvin College
ISBN-10 0802849393
Release 2001-09-19
Pages 550
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The prestigious Stob Lectures, presented each October at Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary in honor of Henry J. Stob, have drawn some of today's most celebrated Christian thinkers in the fields of ethics, apologetics, and philosophical theology. This volume collects under one cover all of the Stob Lectures from Lewis Smedes's inaugural talks in 1986 to Eleonore Stump's lectures in 1998.

A Seeking Heart

A Seeking Heart Author Kim Vogel Sawyer
ISBN-10 9781598569032
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 274
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A rich, heartwarming story about discovering God's love, acceptance, and healing--for even the most damaged hearts. It's 1917, and Samantha O'Brien, seventeen years old, runs away from Wisconsin to Minnesota to escape a drunkard father and broken home. She is accepted with open arms into the Klaassen family, German-Mennonites who show both love and patience to this lonely and defensive girl. Samantha's fractured childhood and its devastating losses make it very difficult for her to accept the Klaassen's genuine care and concern, because she's sure nobody can love the likes of her. But with prayer, time and love, the family--including the young and handsome Adam Klaassen--begins to break through Samantha's walls. Customer Reviews "Kim Vogel Sawyer knows her subject well--no surprise since this book is based on her family history. She has a gift for creating lovable, believable characters and bringing the past to life."

Seeking the Eagle

Seeking the Eagle Author Cameron Dickie
ISBN-10 9781496996671
Release 2014-12-05
Pages 282
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A young girl disappears, presumed drowned on the Cornish coast while on holiday. Meanwhile, the British Minister for Defence is coming to the same area to stay. His children, the 3 Js, make some startling discoveries while birds are behaving in a sinister way. The nation’s security lies on a knife-edge: a comet is on course to collide with Earth, and there are anonymous threats of terrorism. The minister and his wife return to London, while James, Jo, and Jake ride to Lyonesse, where they meet knights of the legendary Round Table. Their perilous mission takes them to the Lady of the Lake, and they must awaken King Arthur himself. In their way stands the evil Morgana Le Fay, who is supported by the hideous morogwyths and mythical creatures of the underworld. The fate of the missing girl is revealed, and Avalon witnesses its most terrifying battle in the air and on land, a battle that will decide the destiny of the world as we know it.

Trusting Sarah

Trusting Sarah Author Cassandra Austin
ISBN-10 9781459283411
Release 2012-07-16
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Two Lonely Hearts, Destined to Meet Again Sarah Tanton had headed west seeking the promise of a fresh start, and freedom from the memories that haunted her…. Yet, little did she know that every step brought her closer to the man she'd loved and lost. Though his testimony had landed her in prison, Daniel Harrison had never forgotten the woman who had taught him about love, and betrayal. But despite their past, Daniel found himself thinking about their future….

Dear Jesus

Dear Jesus Author Sarah Young
ISBN-10 9781418537678
Release 2007-10-28
Pages 256
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From your heart's deepest cry to life's joyful praises, nothing is off limits to Jesus. Knowing Jesus on a deeper, more personal level means sharing all aspects of your life with Him...every day. In Dear Jesus, Sarah Young exemplifies what it means to do this-to dialogue with the Savior. She begins each of the 120 devotionals by sharing intimate struggles and longings that weigh on the heart-being preoccupied with problems; being dissatisfied with oneself, and other spiritual issues. Jesus then responds in His loving way by giving guidance and encouragement, using Scripture as the foundation from which His words flow. Readers will be drawn into the presence of God through these spiritual letters of grace.

Costume and Cinema

Costume and Cinema Author Sarah Street
ISBN-10 1903364183
Release 2001
Pages 112
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More than any other episode since the end of the Cold War, the conflict in Kosovo revealed the distinctive attributes of a new American "way of war." In so doing, Kosovo also brought into sharp focus the military, political, and moral dilemmas confronting a liberal democracy intent on wielding preeminent power on a global scale. What are the moral implications posed by waging high-tech warfare for humanitarian purposes? Does the precedent set by intervention of this type point toward peace and stability or toward more war? How well suited are the United States military and American society as a whole to the security challenges of the age of globalization? According to Bacevich and Cohen, gauging the "success" achieved in Kosovo yields important answers to these and related questions. The volume includes a well-crafted historical overview of the war and six essays that place it in a broader context. The contributors explore the conflict's relationship to U.S. grand strategy, the Revolution in Military Affairs, and American civil-military relations, among other topics. Contributors: William A. Arkin, Andrew J. Bacevich, Eliot A. Cohen, Alberto R. Coll, James Kurth, Anatol Lieven, Michael Vickers