Walking with Angels

Walking with Angels Author Tony Stockwell
ISBN-10 9781848945708
Release 2010-05-27
Pages 240
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Many of us share the belief that death is not the end and that the spirits of those we have loved and lost live on.After a lifetime of spiritual experiences, Tony has learned how to communicate with advanced souls known as spirit guides and angels, who wish to impart their knowledge and love to us all. Our angelic friends and guides hope that each of us will reach out and embrace them and begin our journey towards spiritual fulfilment.In this profoundly comforting and fascinating book, Tony Stockwell, a renowned psychic medium, shares his many stories of personal encounters with spirit and angelic beings. With tales ranging from the battlefields of the Second World War to modern-day accounts of reconnecting with the spirits of people who have passed away, Tony brings his unique insight into the way our spirit and angel guides can help and inspire us throughout our lives, bringing us joy and peace; a message that the world needs to hear.

On Walking with Angels

On Walking with Angels Author Sheila M. Watson
ISBN-10 9781412031035
Release 2004
Pages 539
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When sixteen-year-old Jodi meets Brett, she is sure she has found the love of her life. But when the growing romance leads to an unplanned pregnancy, the strength of their commitment is challenged. But a far more deadly challenge is yet to come! A few years later, the couple's happy and busy lives are shattered when Jodi is diagnosed with cancer and must leave her family in rural B.C. to seek months of treatment in Vancouver. Will Jodi's faith in God and love for Brett and their son Christopher be strong enough to see her through? Can Brett resist the temptation of a vivacious girl who attracts his attention while Jodi fights her life-and-death battle far away? Jodi and Brett face hard choices that ultimately change their lives and cause emotional, spiritual, and personal growth. Readers Comments "I got your book and read it in two days. What a wonderful story! I had to have the box of Kleenex nearby....I don't usually have time to read a big novel, but I made time and I'm glad I did!" - Kim Shupenia, Stoney Plain, AB "I just finished your book and had to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I read it in two days so that must tell you how interesting it was. I hope you will be inspired to write another and I would like to be in line to read it." - Audrey Bressler, Sundre, AB "Thanks so much..I really enjoyed it..I couldn't put it down!" - Gwen Hamm, Carstairs. AB "What a great read! I loved your book from beginning to end. I read it the week before Christmas and couldn't put it down until finished. Congratulations!" - Leslie Gaglardi, Sundre AB "Just had to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I am not a reader...[but] I started to read it and couldn't put it down. It took me a whole week to read it but a book like that most of the time takes me 3 months or so. I got real involved with it. I just loved the book." - Helen Bryan, Sundre AB "Hi Sheila, "Just finished reading your book. Couldn't put it down. I love books that touch the heart but knew when reading this one that much of it came from your heart and personal experience. Sure makes one appreciate good health and being loved. "I'm doing pretty good with quitting smoking. I've had 3-1/2 smokes since getting home. It's such a struggle when the cravings hit and especially hard when under stress. Reading your book makes me really understand that it's nothing compared to treating the big C. I'll remember Jodi's struggles now each time I think I can't resist. Good timing for me to read this. Thank you for your prayers and sharing this book. You may never know how many people's lives it will touch." - Joy

Walking with Angels

Walking with Angels Author Gibson
ISBN-10 0837849993
Release 1996-01-01
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Walking with Angels has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Walking with Angels also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Walking with Angels book for free.

Darkness Is Only Light Not Switched on Walking with Angels

Darkness Is Only Light Not Switched on  Walking with Angels Author Jeanne Ames
ISBN-10 9781412055086
Release 2005
Pages 132
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Darkness is Only Light Not Switched On (Walking with Angels) is Jeanne Ames' first book about the discovery and development of a unique healing system - Crystal Clear Diamond Healing (CCDH) - and lays the foundation for her CCDH teaching methods. From an early age, Jeanne was aware of her healing abilities, but, in an effort to fit in with other children, she tried to suppress her psychic gifts, gifts she believes we all possess. After meeting a tarot card reader and spiritual medium in her early forties, who informed her in no uncertain terms she was a healer, Jeanne embarked on over a decade of research with the assistance of her Angel guides. Despite being diagnosed with acute inflated viral cardiomyopathy in 2002 (a terminal heart condition) and clinically on the hospital emergency room table twice, Jeanne has made a full recovery through the application of the CCDH system. Darkness is Only Light Not Switched On (Walking with Angels) is a factual account of Jeanne Ames' quest to understand and learn how to heal emotional discord - the scourge of mankind and the root of all disease - through contact with techniques such as crystal healing, Reiki, colour therapy, animal healing and birth frequency healing, and guided by her ever-present guides, the Angels. Despite painful relationships and personal battles with ill health, fear, loneliness, and despair, she is doggedly determined to remain faithful to her passionate healing mission. On her journey, she recognises that the obstacles placed in her path are merely learning experiences from which to heal and grow, and candidly shares the insights gained from these experiences so that others may benefit from her wealth of knowledge. Her poignant story - a courageous spiritual journey filled with many joyful moments as well as miracles - is captivating from beginning to end.

Walking with Angels

Walking with Angels Author Carmel Reilly
ISBN-10 1849015104
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 320
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Every faith has its stories of angels - radiant apparitions or invisible guides, messengers that bring the wisdom of heaven into the hearts of men and women. Yet it is not only the great prophets and seers who have had these experiences. All over the world, people have stories to tell: of shining figures standing by hospital beds; of ordinary-looking strangers offering help in times of urgent need before vanishing, leaving no trace; of guardians giving support in the darkest hour. Walking with Angels offers a glimpse into the mystery and glory of this world. It relates the theological facts as understood by the different religions, and gives breathtaking accounts of ordinary people touched unexpectedly by a divine hand.

Walking with the Angels

Walking with the Angels Author White Eagle
ISBN-10 0854871098
Release 1998
Pages 144
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A compilation from years of teachings on angels. It treats walking with angels as something we can make an aspect of our path, like meditation or healing. Topics include the qualities needed to see and make contact with the angels; the parallel life-streams of humanity and the angels; the chakras and the angels associated with them; feeling the angelic presence in nature; how to work with the angels for healing; the great angels of the sun and the planets; angelic guidance; ritual and ceremony; and the archangel Michael.

Walking with Angels

Walking with Angels Author T. R. Allen
ISBN-10 9780595226597
Release 2002-06-01
Pages 388
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A modern-day Job story that will make you wonder: "What would your life be like if you could see the truth?"As a teenage girl Aural Phoenix is not very popular despite her above-average looks. She has only one friend and spends most of her time wrapped up in her Bible alone at home. The reason for her hermitage is simple: As a child she gained the gift of being able to see into the spirit world and made the mistake of revealing this truth to her friends. They didn't believe her, but when she stuck to her guns she was labeled a "freak".Now being treated by a psychologist capable of locking her away because she will not lie about the truth of her sight, (lying only makes the demons laugh at her), Aural tries her best to explain herself and her life to the doctor. When she's done, things go from bad to WORSE!

Walking with Angels

Walking with Angels Author Claire-Louise Price
ISBN-10 9781784627805
Release 2014-09-22
Pages 100
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I didn’t realise that my poems reflected a journey until they were gathered together and arranged in sequence for this book. Before that, they lived in various places around the house, most of them scribbled on scraps of paper or Post-it notes, or the proverbial back of an envelope, and either stuffed in a drawer or languishing in random notebooks in a box. It is time they saw the light of day. Lightness, brightness and hope turned out to be common themes. I had doodled my first poem – ‘Maybe’ – shortly before a momentous, life-changing event took place. My husband was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour in 2009 and given months to live. Fortunately for us and our three sons, he defied the odds and continued to enjoy a remarkably high quality of life for four years before he died, peacefully, in 2013. During these four years, we were living with the knowledge that the end of his life might come at any time. And yet, isn’t that the same for us all? In a funny way, it was a privilege to be put ‘on notice’. Life was brought into sharp focus and perspective. Life was for living right now, and in as an enriching way as possible. All the poems, based on my deep life experience, are offered to uplift, inspire and console. If there is just one which resonates with you, or with someone you know, then I am content. And if you are inspired to follow your dream, please don’t wait. Do it now.

Walking with Angels

Walking with Angels Author J. Allen Jahnig
ISBN-10 9781585006595
Release 1999-12-01
Pages 184
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"A life and death thriller with absorbing insights about life and life after death. A spiritual journey well worth the trip." The investigative writer and humanist, Adam Eden, believes in only what he can touch, see, taste, and hear. In this sequel to Beyond the Shadow of Death, an inexplicable murder forces Adam to confront the possibility that the deceased still life. He questions his sanity due to the mental intrusion of a wise native American Shaman. The novel explodes with mystery, mayhem, and murder.

From Living a Nightmare to Walking with Angels

From Living a Nightmare to Walking with Angels Author Bill Givler, Jr.
ISBN-10 9781479603565
Release 2015-01-15
Pages 80
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It all seemed so innocent and normal at first, but the more Bill dabbled with the supernatural, the more the devil tightened his grasp on Bill’s soul. From Living a Nightmare to Walking With Angels chronicles Bill Givler’s personal story of the danger of mixing a basic knowledge of God with the powers of darkness and the spiritual journey he embarked on when he realized that God was not behind the supernatural things that were happening to him. Bill shares the texts that inspired him and led him down a path toward discovery of such Bible truths as the state of the dead, the seventh-day Sabbath, and Christ’s second coming. Bill’s life-changing story reminds all who hear it about the reality of the war between God and Satan.

Walking with Angels

Walking with Angels Author Lanaya A. Pickett
ISBN-10 9781462023080
Release 2011-06-27
Pages 192
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When Roel Somers was three, her mother dropped her off at an orphanage and promised to come back someday. Fourteen years later, someday still hasn’t come. Beaten and bruised physically and emotionally, Roel finally runs away. After falling asleep in a park, she wakes up to find herself in a house with five boys—and one of them is her long lost brother, Chad. Roel doesn’t know how Chad found her, but she’s thrilled to discover she’s not alone in this world. While the other boys aren’t too sure about her, Roel convinces them to let her stay as their maid. After all, with five boys in one house, they sure could use one. Roel settles into a new routine, but soon realizes that all is not as it seems. Chad and his brothers are no ordinary boys—they’re angel dragons. Each one has special powers. But when Roel suddenly sprouts wings of her own, things start getting really interesting. She finds can fly—and breathe fire! But demons from the underworld want all of them dead, and it is up to Roel, Chad, and the rest of the angel dragons to save the world from disaster ...

Walking with Angels

Walking with Angels Author Catherine Ferrier
ISBN-10 1500448656
Release 2014-09-24
Pages 102
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Angels have been seen and worked with since the beginning of time in absolutely every culture. In fact, experiences with Angels are extraordinarily similar in every culture! When it comes to the subject of Angels, there is much to research, experience and know. Walking With Angels is based upon the author's better than 33 years of experience and research. It is presented in an easily digestible manner so that you too may know angels to the core of your being. The Angels are many and are not to be idolized. They are, however committed to man and look forward to sharing Heaven with us. They each are an individual race of Beings who love us as He does and they are our guides to God, purely and simply.

True Tales of Angel Encounters

True Tales of Angel Encounters Author Carmel Reilly
ISBN-10 9780738714943
Release 2009
Pages 303
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"Ordinary people of diverse faiths, including the non-religious, have experienced the wonder of angels. This fascinating collection of true stories highlights how spiritual beings--manifesting as a kind stranger, a radiant figure, or a comforting presence--have touched lives around the world"--Page 4 of cover.

Walking With Angels and Dragons

Walking With Angels and Dragons Author Savta Chapman
ISBN-10 9781491841006
Release 2013-12
Pages 450
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A mother's biological experience of "birth" overwhelmingly captures every ounce of her physical being and has drawn endless cultural attention as a cataclysmic event. The actual moments of birth are indeed spectacular and amazing - a miraculous event that reflects the Heart of God. But surprisingly this sensorial transaction accounts for perhaps one tenth of what is actually packed into this small window of time. The remaining ninety percent of this phenomenal wonder occurs in a world unseen by our human eyes. There is a supernatural process of radiant creativity in operation that goes back to the beginning of time and forward to the end of time. Birth, the biological moment of transition, merely connects the small tangible piece of the flesh to the bigger pieces of a supernatural journey which is stunning and amazing, because Yahweh God is an absolute genius at doing life. As a believer in Yeshua the author's journey to fulfill her destiny has led her down an exquisite path of discovery into this unseen world. Working as a Midwife for the last 50 years has taught her to live life, not from this small, tangible, temporary world, but from the magnificent spirit world that encompasses it and lasts forever. The true stories in this first book have focused on redeeming the gift of Kairos moments for God's Kingdom, and a tiny bit of how angelic forces help us do that in the midst of a world of darkness. This book is not about birth or midwifery. It is a collection of stories that demonstrate the faithfulness of Yahweh God, the designer of birth, and the author of its supernatural dimensions, who engages intimately with earth to touch our every need. It is His story written through the lives of His people.

Walking with Angels

Walking with Angels Author E. Lonnie Melashenko
ISBN-10 0816317852
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 189
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Walking with Angels has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Walking with Angels also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Walking with Angels book for free.

Walking Angels

Walking Angels Author
ISBN-10 8174785671
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Walking Angels has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Walking Angels also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Walking Angels book for free.

Working with Angels

Working with Angels Author Steven Brooks
ISBN-10 9780768496192
Release 2009-09-28
Pages 204
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Throughout history and up to our modern day we discover saints who desire a deep and intimate walk with God. The Bible records Enoch as being a trendsetter for those who long to explore the vast and limitless realm of brilliant glory found only in Jesus Christ. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the pages of this book that will launch you into an amazing lifestyle where heaven and earth merge together as one. Gain a fresh understanding and appreciation for the angels that God sends to walk with you and aide you in your earthly life.