Next Generation Leader

Next Generation Leader Author Andy Stanley
ISBN-10 9781588601483
Release 2011-10-19
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A growing number of next generation Christians are eager to learn, grow, and lead in ministry or in the marketplace. Mentoring young leaders, as they face the unique issues of a changing world, has been pastor and Visioneering author Andy Stanley's passion for more than a decade. Here, he shares material from his leadership training sessions, developed to address essential leadership qualities such as character, clarity, courage, and competency. This is the perfect guide for any new leader -- or for the mentor of a future leader! Clear, stylish typeset, with user-friendly links to referenced Scripture.

Second in Command

Second in Command Author Dutch Sheets
ISBN-10 9780768492811
Release 2011-07-28
Pages 208
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"Whether you derive your paycheck from a local church or from the profit of a business, one thing is clear: Leaders are in high demand, and leaders with godly character and excellence are an even rarer find." ---Dutch Sheets and Chris Jackson Leaders like you are in high demand. The success of the CEO or senior pastor depends on people just like you. Churches and businesses are looking for people just like you. You are a person of integrity. Your life is an example to all around you. Your relationship with God has given you strength, patience, and trustworthiness. You are satisfied where God has placed you and you work with all your heart at the task He has placed in your care. Second in Command is written to strengthen those in the position of "right-hand man." For some, being "number two" is a training ground for an eventual promotion into top leadership, but for others it is a calling. Whether you pastor a church or are a "marketplace minister," Second in Command teaches you how to become a next-generation leader of excellence. This book is the best encouragement you can get to give you the confidence and faith to function up to your fullest potential where God has placed you, trusting the future to Him who calls and anoints and sends into new arenas of service.

Developing Next Generation Leaders for Transgenerational Entrepreneurial Family Enterprises

Developing Next Generation Leaders for Transgenerational Entrepreneurial Family Enterprises Author Pramodita Sharma
ISBN-10 9781784717872
Release 2015-10-30
Pages 272
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This illustrative book considers the interface of business structures, contexts, and leadership building blocks to explore the contingent nature of leadership development in transgenerational entrepreneurship. Longitudinal case studies of 27 family firms in nine different countries provide a rich, global selection of leadership development insights by examining the roles of values, professionalization, leadership style and other contingent factors. The diversity of cases and chapters provides a rich foundation for insight into the pathways currently in use to develop the next generation leaders, illuminating the strategies and pathways of successful transgenerational family enterprises. By examining the available literature and one or more case studies, each chapter draws pragmatic conclusions, with findings that suggest the importance of focusing on leadership as a shared capability, transmission of values to maintain an entrepreneurial culture, the fit between professionalization and values to increase transgenerational potential, the need to address the structure of the business and the focus on parenting to develop next generations. This path-breaking book will inform family business researchers as they explore the ways in use to develop the next generation. Each chapter starts with a mini-case study focused on a dilemma related to leader development, making this book an excellent resource for educators in undergraduate, graduate, or executive programs.

High Flyers

High Flyers Author Morgan W. McCall
ISBN-10 0875843360
Release 1998
Pages 254
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Presents a strategy for grooming executives for a company's top positions, emphasizing the importance of learning from experience and being open to continuous learning

Comprehensive Problem Solving and Skill Development for Next Generation Leaders

Comprehensive Problem Solving and Skill Development for Next Generation Leaders Author Styron, Jr., Ronald A.
ISBN-10 9781522519690
Release 2017-01-06
Pages 389
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Effective leadership and management create significant impacts upon any organization in the modern business realm. To maintain competitiveness and success, those in leadership roles must develop new and dynamic initiatives to solve problems that arise. Comprehensive Problem-Solving and Skill Development for Next-Generation Leaders is a critical reference source for the latest academic research on the implementation of innovative qualities, strategies, and competencies for effective leadership and examines practices for determining solutions to business problems. Highlighting relevant coverage on facilitating organizational success, such as emotional intelligence, technology integration, and active learning, this book is ideally designed for managers, professionals, graduate students, academics, and researchers interested in research-based strategies for obtaining organizational effectiveness.

The Next Generation of Leaders

The Next Generation of Leaders Author The Fan NJ
ISBN-10 9781450536318
Release 2010-01-15
Pages 268
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This book is about the memoirs and trials of a candidate trying to get into the public life. It's a memoir of a program working hard to get financing from any entity, and it's about a candidate working hard to bring fundamental change to how people treat or is treated in politics. Whereas a fundamental change can come about it was written and seen in the eyes of Omar Dyer. During 2009, he out campaigned Jon S. Corzine and help the feds search and find where the corruption would be in New Jersey's hardest county: Hudson County.

Next Generation Leadership

Next Generation Leadership Author S. Penney
ISBN-10 9780230107694
Release 2010-06-07
Pages 201
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This book brings together the stories and ideas of the future from a survey of nearly 300 emerging leaders to get their points of view and thoughts about how organizations need to change in order to develop effective leaders of tomorrow.

Developing Next Generation Leaders in a Diverse Environment

Developing Next Generation Leaders in a Diverse Environment Author Dr. R.N. Givhan
ISBN-10 9781491857571
Release 2014-02-28
Pages 84
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This books introduces a theoretical approach to organizational development and adult learning. It provides an application of the concepts to help in the development of leaders from the 4 different generations within the work environment.

People Skills 3 0 Next Generation Leadership Skills for Project Success

People Skills 3  0  Next Generation Leadership Skills for Project Success Author Steven Flannes
ISBN-10 0692374612
Release 2015-06-19
Pages 204
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This is not your standard book on leadership! The interpersonal aspects of leadership require crucial competencies for project professionals. People Skills 3.0: Next Generation Leadership Skills for Project Success presents a very unique view of leadership- the interpersonal dynamics that impact performance. Remember: In today's world, we all are "leaders" in our respective enterprise efforts, regardless of whether or not we hold that title.People Skills 3.0 is your practical companion for facing and conquering the interpersonal leadership demands of our global economy. Author Steven Flannes, Ph.D., brings a unique background to the topic of leadership: clinical psychologist, operations leader, and project professional.(Dr. Flannes authored related interpersonal skills books, such as People Skills for Project Managers, translated into Russian, and Essential People Skills for Project Managers, translated into Japanese).People Skills 3.0: Five Core Beliefs:1. As leader, you can easily learn to grasp the technical challenges.2. The people issues, however, are more complicated. This book offers you innovative, tangible skills you can apply to master these challenges.3. You do not need to be a natural "people person" to still be a good leader.4. Small improvements in your interpersonal leadership skills will bring disproportionately big dividends in performance.5. Learn to "thrive," and not just "survive," in your work and personal life (less stress, more enjoyment).People Skills 3.0 describes leadership complexities, and provides you with developmental paths you can follow to sharpen the skills needed to meet these challenges. The book presents:* Next-generation leadership challenges, and what you as leader will see in our multicultural world (Chapter 1).* The importance of "knowing yourself." Self-knowledge is the foundation for developing interpersonal skills, the key competencies of next-generation leaders (Chapter 2).* How to make the personal changes you need in order to stay effective as a leader. Leaders who continually re-define themselves will flourish (Chapter 3).* What are the skills you need, and how you can create your developmental plan towards achieving and expanding these skills? (Chapter 4).* What distinct leadership competencies you will need in a world of economic, cultural, and technological complexity? (Chapter 5).* What unique approaches can you follow to achieve high levels of performance? And how can you return to those high levels after you or your team experience an intense, negative event or crisis? (Chapter 6).* What can you do as leader to create the best team culture, one noted for creativity, effective interpersonal functioning, and achievement?(Chapter 7).* What specific approaches can you apply to manage the inevitable conflicts, keeping the team task focused? (Chapter 8).* Learn to apply tangible approaches from neuroscience and mindfulness to function at your best while maintaining balance in life (Mike Mombrea, MA, MFT).* Discover leadership lessons from a leader who has worked in many settings. Learn what 43 other successful leaders said are key leadership attributes they have noticed over their careers. (Larry Butler, MA. MFT).* How can positive psychology help leaders develop? A member of the next generation of professionals shares his observations about how positive psychology behaviors can assist leaders increase their effectiveness with teams (Jonathan Flannes, B.S.).* What future global challenges will you face? What creative approaches can you take to prepare yourself to be "the evolving people-centric leader?" (Chapter 12).The authors use personal self-disclosure to illustrate key points, creating an intimate and engaging reader experience. People Skills 3.0 is formatted in a visually appealing manner through the use of charts, images, checklists, text boxes, and ideas presented with bullet-point clarity.

Global Leadership

Global Leadership Author Marshall Goldsmith
ISBN-10 9780132789325
Release 2003-04-28
Pages 384
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The follow-up to Marshall Goldsmith's 500,000-copy bestseller The Leader of the Future, Global Leadership: The Next Generation systematically identifies what tomorrow's leaders will need to know, do and believe in order to successfully lead the global enterprise of the future. Drawing on the results of an extraordinary 2-year Accenture study of emerging business leaders, this book shows why the skills of today's global leaders won't be enough--and why tomorrow's leaders won't resemble today's. Goldsmith and his co-authors first identify five new "factors of leadership" and their implications: global thinking, appreciation of diversity, technological savvy, a willingness to partner and an openness to sharing leadership. They explain what it will mean to lead in an era where intellectual capital is the dominant source of value; how to lead people whose backgrounds and values may be radically dissimilar from yours; and why achieving personal self-mastery is now a fundamental prerequisite for leading others. From the evolution of "federated," semi-autonomous organizational structures to the personal leadership challenges now arising from globalism, this book offers unprecedented insights into the new challenges of leadership--and what it will take to meet them.

Preparing for Next Generation Security Leader Opportunities

Preparing for Next Generation Security Leader Opportunities Author Francis J. D'Addario
ISBN-10 9780128009208
Release 2014-02-14
Pages 10
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Preparing for Next Generation Security Leader Opportunities is an excellent resource for the new or existing security leader who wants to prepare him or herself for the future of security. In this 30-minute Proven Practices presentation, narrator Francis D’Addario explains that traditional expectations of the security leader will soon merge with new requirements and measured performance. Organizations have come to expect leadership that is able to respond nimbly, communicate care, and galvanize resources. Also included in this presentation is a list of 16 performance criteria by which next generation security leadership can be measured. These criteria are based on Security Executive Council surveys and research from the Security Leadership Research Institute (SLRI). Preparing for Next Generation Security Leader Opportunities is a part of Elsevier’s Security Executive Council Risk Management Portfolio, a collection of real world solutions and "how-to" guidelines that equip executives, practitioners, and educators with proven information for successful security and risk management programs. The 30-minute, visual PowerPoint presentation with audio narration format is excellent for group learning Prepares security professionals for next generation leadership by identifying the evolving skills they should focus on Lists the performance criteria by which next generation security leaders should be measured

The Practice of Leadership

The Practice of Leadership Author Jay A. Conger
ISBN-10 9781118429631
Release 2012-06-29
Pages 432
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This book includes contributions from top scholars who outline the best leadership practices for the benefit of the practicing leader. Each chapter focuses on a specific area of leadership practice and ends with a set of "take away" best practices in each area—an executive summary in reverse—that will serve as a quick reference for those who might want to peruse chapters, but still extract the best practices, as well as a summary for those who thoroughly read each chapter. "Jay Alden Conger and Ronald Riggio have brought together a galaxy of sophisticated yet practical experts on leadership, stressing both the complexity and indispensability of both transactional and transforming leadership, with the blessing of the pioneering student of leadership, Bernie Bass." —James MacGregor Burns, professor emeritus, Willams College, and Pulitzer Prize winner

Global Explorers

Global Explorers Author J. Stewart Black
ISBN-10 9781135265847
Release 2013-10-18
Pages 288
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In this age of globalization challenges--from economic uncertainty to emerging markets--there are no mapped out answers for the international manager. Global Explorers guides the global manager from the periphery to the center stage of international business leadership. In a 1997 survey of Fortune 500 firms conducted by authors J. Stewart Black, Allen J. Morrison and Hal B. Gregersen, virtually all companies indicated there was a severe shortage of global leaders. The demand for competent global leaders far outstrips the supply. Global Explorers provides the skills and outlines the competencies future global managers need to fill the leadership gap. Using extensive research, real-life examples, and 130 in-depth interviews with senior executives representing 50 global companies, including IBM, Disney, Exxon and Sony, Global Explorers suggests the reasons for the global leadership shortage, and identifies the necessary skills to compete in the international marketplace. For managers who want to safeguard their corporate future in these changing times, Global Explorers will help them develop a personal program for developing and balancing the skills they need to become successful global leaders.

Early Development and Leadership

Early Development and Leadership Author Susan E. Murphy
ISBN-10 9781136735509
Release 2012-03-29
Pages 388
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First Published in 2011. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Next Generation of Women Leaders

The Next Generation of Women Leaders Author Selena Rezvani
ISBN-10 9780313376665
Release 2010
Pages 181
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A groundbreaking, empowering collection of advice--richly illustrated with the stories of women at top echelons of their fields--that advances the leadership outlook for Generation X and Y women like no book before it. * Includes 30 interviews with highly accomplished business women * Offers a foreword by Gail Evans, the highest-ranking woman executive ever at CNN * Provides a far-reaching bibliography of significant materials combining works examining gender dynamics in addition to business classics

Summary Results Based Leadership

Summary  Results Based Leadership Author BusinessNews Publishing
ISBN-10 9782511018170
Release 2014-10-14
Pages 15
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The must-read summary of Dave Ulrich, Jack Zenger and Norm Smallwood's book: "Results-Based Leadership: How Leaders Build the Business and Improve the Bottom Line". This complete summary of the ideas from Dave Ulrich, Jack Zenger and Norm Smallwood's book "Results-Based Leadership" highlights that a leader's effectiveness can be measured by a simple equation - effective leadership is based on 4 Key Leadership Attributes and 4 Key Stakeholder Groups. In their book, the authors explain each of these features and how you can implement them to set direction, generate staff commitment, build organisational capabilities and demonstrate personal character. This summary is a must-read for any leader who wants to find management techniques that will deliver meaningful results. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand key concepts • Expand your knowledge To learn more, read "Results-Based Leadership" and discover the key to management that gets results.

Becoming the Boss

Becoming the Boss Author Lindsey Pollak
ISBN-10 9780062323323
Release 2014-09-16
Pages 320
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The author of Getting from College to Career reinvents the concept of management for a new generation, offering a fresh and relevant approach to career success that shows them how to make the next step: becoming a leader. We are in the midst of a leadership revolution, as power passes from Baby Boomers to Millennials. All grown up, the highly educated Generation Y is moving into executive positions in corporations and government, as well as running their own businesses, where they are beginning to have a profound impact that will last for decades. Written exclusively for Gen Y readers to address their unique needs, Becoming the Boss is a brisk, tech savvy success manual filled with real-world, actionable tips, from an expert they respect and relate to. Lindsey Pollak defines what leadership is and draws on original research, her own extensive experience, and interviews with newly minted Gen Y managers and entrepreneurs around the world to share the secrets of what makes them successful leaders—and shows young professionals how to use that knowledge to rise in their own careers. From learning to develop a style that appeals to your older colleagues, to discovering the key trends affecting your career, to mastering the classic rules of excellence that never go out of style, Becoming the Boss helps you identify your next professional move and shows you how to get there.