My Father s Straw Hat

My Father s Straw Hat Author Patricia A. Colucci
ISBN-10 9781615661053
Release 2009-12-01
Pages 68
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Grief is no respecter of persons. Often it moves in harshly and unexpectedly. In many aspects of life grief is expected, but it's never easy to face the loss of a loved one. Is it possible to truly preserve the legacy of any important person in your life? Author Patricia A. Colucci asked herself the same question when her father, a leading figure in her life, passed away. Overwhelmed with the earth-moving shift in the universe, she is forced to examine the very depths of her heart and soul in order to pull herself back together. Laced with pain, discovery, and sheer will, Colucci must battle as the enemy of grief rages on. Trudging through the dark and uneasy days, the light of a new dawn slowly begins to break. In order to overcome and heal, she examines the precious things in life like hugs, smiles, and her Father's Straw Hat.

My Fathers Daughter

My Fathers  Daughter Author Hannah Pool
ISBN-10 9780141902272
Release 2006-07-27
Pages 256
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In 1974 Hannah Pool was adopted from an orphanage in Eritrea and brought to England by her white adoptive father. She grew up unable to imagine what it must be like to look into the eyes of a blood relative until one day a letter arrived from a brother she never knew she had. Not knowing what to do with the letter, Hannah hid it away. But she was unable to forget it, and ten years later she finally decided to track down her surviving Eritrean family and embarked upon a journey that would take her far from the comfort zone of her metropolitan lifestye to confront the poverty and oppression of a life that could so easily have been her own.

My Fathers Ghost is Climbing in the Rain

My Fathers  Ghost is Climbing in the Rain Author Patricio Pron
ISBN-10 9780571277155
Release 2013-06-04
Pages 224
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This is a daring, deeply affecting novel about the secrets buried in the past of an Argentine family; a story of fathers and sons, corruption and responsibility, memory and history, with a mystery at its heart. A young writer, living abroad, returns home to his native Argentina to say goodbye to his dying father. In his parents' house, he finds a cache of documents - articles, maps, photographs - and unwittingly begins to unearth his father's obsession with the disappearance of a local man. Suddenly he comes face to face with the ghosts of Argentina's dark political past and with the long-hidden memories of his family's underground resistance against an oppressive military regime. As the fragments of the narrator's investigation fall into place - revealing not only a part of his father's life he had tried to forget, but also the legacy of an entire generation - My Father's Ghost Is Climbing in the Rain tells a completely original story of family and remembrance. It is an audacious accomplishment by an internationally acclaimed voice.

The Journey of My Father s Son

The Journey of My Father s Son Author Jerry L. Jacobs
ISBN-10 9781490825076
Release 2014-02-24
Pages 212
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This book is a synopsis of my life with the intention of showing how God intervened in my life, and how I reacted to circumstances He created for me for the benefit of others. It is a book of brokenness and healing. It is a book about how He took away all my crutches and left me with nothing to cling to but Himself. It is about my life in the worst of personal situations—where my life ended at Clingman’s Dome and how I was reborn, with an injection of hope from Him, in the same instant. It is about God’s preservation of my life for His purpose. It is about the joy found around the dining table, about the disintegration of my family, and about how God put it back together the way He saw fit. My life started at the edge of a cotton field in the middle of World War II with a life-threatening disease attacking me before I reached one year of age. It is about my total lack of social skills and how God prepared me for higher education in preparation for speaking in front of a thousand people. My life was a battleground with Satan’s attempt to destroy me, and God who intervened at the last second. Being His child assures me that nothing can happen to me without God’s approval, and I have shared those events in this book. It is a book of spiritual warfare with God as the victor and me as the prize.

The Winter Sun Shines In

The Winter Sun Shines In Author Donald Keene
ISBN-10 9780231535311
Release 2013-08-27
Pages 240
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Rather than resist the vast social and cultural changes sweeping Japan in the nineteenth century, the poet Masaoka Shiki (1867–1902) instead incorporated new Western influences into his country’s native haiku and tanka verse. By reinvigorating these traditional forms, Shiki released them from outdated conventions and made them more responsive to newer trends in artistic expression. Altogether, his reforms made the haiku Japan’s most influential modern cultural export. Using extensive readings of Shiki’s own writings and accounts of the poet by his contemporaries and family, Donald Keene charts Shiki’s revolutionary (and often contradictory) experiments with haiku and tanka, a dynamic process that made the survival of these traditional genres possible in a globalizing world. Keene particularly highlights random incidents and encounters in his impressionistic portrait of this tragically young life, moments that elicited significant shifts and discoveries in Shiki’s work. The push and pull of a profoundly changing society is vividly felt in Keene’s narrative, which also includes sharp observations of other recognizable characters, such as the famous novelist and critic Natsume Soseki. In addition, Keene reflects on his own personal relationship with Shiki’s work, further developing the nuanced, deeply felt dimensions of its power.

In My Father s House

In My Father s House Author Bessie Downing
ISBN-10 9781434905390
Release 2010-01-26
Pages 172
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In My Father s House has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from In My Father s House also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full In My Father s House book for free.

My Father s Places

My Father s Places Author Aeronwy Thomas
ISBN-10 9781849012416
Release 2009-09-10
Pages 160
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In 1949, after years of nomadic existence, nine-year-old Aeronwy Thomas and her family arrived at the Boat House in Laugharne, a small village on the Welsh coast. Here her father, the poet Dylan Thomas and mother, Caitlin, hoped to find peace, a place to settle and work. In Laugharne Dylan began some of his most famous works, including Under Milk Wood. Mornings were spent in Brown's Hotel, listening to the gossip at Ivy William's kitchen table. In the afternoons Caitlin would lock the poet into a shed in the garden, where he sat speaking his verse aloud as he wrote, or composed begging letters to patrons and friends. Often he would head off to London, and old haunts. Little Aeronwy enjoyed the new world around her. In the Boat House, ruled over by Caitlin, there was baby Colm and in the holidays visits from big brother Llewellyn, as well as Dolly, the cleaner and cook, and the house became a refuge for village characters, including Booda the deaf, mute ferry man. The memoir paints scenes of sudden drama and poetry: reading Wind in the Willows with her father in the evenings; fish treading in the mud below the house with her mother; afternoons with Grandma Flo and DJ at the Pelican. Dylan's fame grows and he tours the United States to read his poetry. Aeronwy watches as the marriage fractures, and at last the poet dies in New York, far away from his children. My Father's Places is a deeply moving portrait of growing up and an insight into the origins and the legacy of Dylan Thomas's poetry.

My Father s Faith

My Father s Faith Author John E. Bush
ISBN-10 9781453518526
Release 2008-07-31
Pages 255
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This collection of essays, speeches and lectures represent much of my writings during the eighties, nineties, and early years of two thousand. They certainly are not current; however, in reviewing these selected writings, I discovered that the problems addressed are ongoing. Moreover, I am convinced that the situations and subjects that I have discussed will be with us until the end of time as we know it; therefore what I have written should be relevant for many years to come. I hope, after reading some or all of these essays, you will agree that I have been fair in my appraisal of the events discussed.

The Caxtons

The Caxtons Author
ISBN-10 UVA:X030832714
Release 1867
Pages 380
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The Caxtons has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Caxtons also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Caxtons book for free.

My Father s Daughter

My Father s Daughter Author Sterling Craig Williamson
ISBN-10 9780595492213
Release 2008-06
Pages 184
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"What doth the lord require of man but to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God."-Micah 6:8When Eleanor Ramsay Williamson was ten, her father, Kerr Craige Ramsay, died of a heart attack. Her idyllic life in North Carolina was shattered. Eleanor lost not only a parent who adored her, but her whole world.In this memoir, Eleanor explores the effects her father's death had on her as she grew up. Her experiences were similar to that of others who had also lost their fathers as youngsters: she cared for her alcoholic mother and tried to be strong, but found it difficult at best.In exploring her relationships, Eleanor recognized much of her father in her: his smile, energy, and self-confidence. Relying on these qualities, Eleanor unshackled the restraints placed on women of that era and blazed her own trail. She even married a Yankee, Sterling Rudolph Williamson, and later developed her passions for literature, foreign cultures, and teaching.This insightful memoir follows Eleanor's emotional journey from life as a youngster, through the loss her father and the subsequent upheaval, to her own experiences as a mother and wife, and finally her blossoming into a passionate teacher of international students. With My Father's Daughter, you will experience the events of Eleanor's life as she plucks the strings of your subconscious emotions with her keen observations.

Dr Sax

Dr  Sax Author Jack Kerouac
ISBN-10 0802195725
Release 2007-12-01
Pages 245
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“Kerouac dreams of America in the authentic rolling rhythms of a Whitman or a Thomas Wolfe, drunk with eagerness for life.”—John K. Hutchens

At Home in the Land of Oz

At Home in the Land of Oz Author Anne Barnhill
ISBN-10 1846426588
Release 2007-06-15
Pages 224
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Anne's sister Becky was born in 1958, long before most people had even heard of autism. Diagnosed with 'emotional disturbance,' Becky was subjected for much of her childhood to well-meaning but futile efforts at 'rehabilitation' or 'cure,' as well as prolonged spells in institutions away from her family. Painting a vivid picture of growing up in small-town America during the Sixties, Anne describes her sister's and her own painful childhood experiences with compassion and honesty. Struggling with the separation from her sister and the emotional and financial hardships the family experienced as a result of Becky's condition, Anne nevertheless found that her sister had something that 'normal' people were unable to offer. Today she is accepting of her sister's autism and the impact, both painful and positive, it has had on both their lives. This bittersweet memoir will resonate with families affected by autism and other developmental disorders and will appeal to everyone interested in the condition.

Ghosts and Grisly Things

Ghosts and Grisly Things Author Ramsey Campbell
ISBN-10 1429971495
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 320
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A three-time winner of the World Fantasy Award and an eight-time winner of the British Fantasy Award, Campbell may be the genres most decorated writer. Publishers Weekly hails him as a master of the horror genre, adding, He does more than jar the nerves and chill the spine; he assails ones very grip on reality. Ghosts and Grisly Things is a chilling collection of the best of Campbells recent short fiction, most of it never before available in any form. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Doors to Madame Marie

Doors to Madame Marie Author Odette Meyers
ISBN-10 0295975768
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 463
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The author shares the story of her youth and young adulthood in France prior to and following World War II, describing how she was sent to the French countryside pretending to be Catholic


Punch Author Mark Lemon
ISBN-10 UOM:39015055221041
Release 1940
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Punch has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Punch also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Punch book for free.

True Murder

True Murder Author Yaba Badoe
ISBN-10 9781409075295
Release 2009-02-05
Pages 272
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Eleven year old Ajuba has been abandoned at a Devon boarding school by her Ghanaian father. Haunted by the circumstances of her mother's breakdown, Ajuba falls under the spell of new girl Polly Venus, and her chaotic, glamorous family. As the passionate bond between the two girls deepens, they discover what they think are the bones of dead kittens, hidden in the attic of the Venus home; but the bones are human. The girls set out to unravel the mystery but as the summer draws to a close, three tragedies conflate, with catastrophic results.

Sight Unseen

Sight Unseen Author Robert Goddard
ISBN-10 9780440336587
Release 2006-12-26
Pages 320
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Another classic mystery from the “master of the clever twist.” On a summer’s day in 1981, a two-year-old girl, Tamsin Hall, was abducted during a picnic at the famous prehistoric site of Avebury in Wiltshire. Her seven-year-old sister Miranda was knocked down and killed by the abductor’s van. The girls were in the care of their nanny, Sally Wilkinson. One of the witnesses to this tragic event was David Umber, a Ph.D student who was waiting at the village pub to keep an appointment with a man called Griffith who claimed he could help Umber with his researches into the letters of “Junius,” the pseudonymous eighteenth century polemicist who was his Ph.D subject. But Griffin failed to show up, and Umber never heard from him again. The two-year-old, Tamsin Hall, was never seen again either. The Hall family fell apart under the strain. Sally Wilkinson, the nanny, wound up living with Umber, whom she had met at the inquiry. But she never recovered from the incident, suffered increasingly from depression, and eventually committed suicide. In the spring of 2004, retired Chief Inspector George Sharp receives a letter signed “Junius” reproaching him for botching the 1981 investigation. Sharp confronts Umber, whose explanation for being at the scene of the tragedy has always seemed dubious. Obliged to accept Umber’s denial of authorship of the letter, he nonetheless forces him to join in a search for the real culprit — and hence the long-concealed truth about what happened 23 years previously. It is a quest that both will later regret having embarked upon. Too late they come to understand that some mysteries are better left unsolved. From the Trade Paperback edition.