Kingdom Disciples

Kingdom Disciples Author Tony Evans
ISBN-10 9780802491190
Release 2017-07-04
Pages 256
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Where have all the disciples gone? There is a missing force in Christianity today. It’s a critical one, and its absence has led to weak believers, disintegrating families, ineffective churches, and a decaying culture. Without it, we lack what we need to fully live as heaven’s representatives on earth. That missing force is discipleship. In Kingdom Disciples, Tony Evans outlines a simple, actionable definition of discipleship to help the church fulfill its calling. Readers will learn: What a disciple is What a disciple cares about How to be a disciple and make disciples What discipleship looks like in community What the impact of discipleship on the world can be Kingdom disciples are in short supply, and the result is a legion of powerless Christians attending powerless churches, having a powerless presence in the world. The power, authority, abundance, victory, and impact God has promised will only come about when we understand and align ourselves with His definition of discipleship. Kingdom Disciples calls believers and churches back to our primary, divinely ordained responsibility to be disciples and make disciples. Only when we take seriously this assignment will the world see heaven at work on earth. Will you accept the assignment? Kingdom Disciples isuseful as base material for a course on discipleship.

Disciple To Disciple

Disciple To Disciple Author Frederick Osborn
ISBN-10 1541356659
Release 2016-12-29
Pages 242
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Preaching the gospel, teaching the Word of God, and making disciples are the highest callings in the world. We need to pray and ask God that we might be men and women who will not settle for anything less than the fullest blessing of the Lord in our life and in our ministry of making disciples. Disciple-to-Disciple is actually the third in an informal series of teachings on the Kingdom. The first in the series is This Gospel of the Kingdom. The book and study guide describe the foundational teachings of Jesus Christ concerning the kingdom of God. The second book and study guide in the series is called Kingdom Discipleship. Kingdom Discipleship defines what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ - including the six terms of discipleship that Jesus said all who would be His disciple must meet in order to be His disciple. Only disciples make disciples and in this part of the series on the Kingdom of God we will set aside some time to learn how Jesus, the Master Teacher taught His disciples. Disciple-to-Disciple is an in-depth study of how Jesus taught His disciples. If we understand how Jesus taught His disciples, then we can better understand how we must teach others. If we teach others to become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ then we will do more than teach them to be mere imitations of their Master but will teach them to be like Jesus in every way. When disciples make disciples all will be transformed by the Master. And so the process of making kingdom disciples - disciples who are like Jesus in character and conduct - will continue with each new generation of believers.

Making Kingdom Disciples

Making Kingdom Disciples Author Charles H. Dunahoo
ISBN-10 0875526403
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 249
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A strategic, biblical approach to education and discipleship: knowing the Word (framework for ministry), knowing the world (context for ministry), and biblical models for application.

Jesus Disciple of the Kingdom

Jesus  Disciple of the Kingdom Author Osvaldo D. Vena
ISBN-10 9781610979405
Release 2014-01-08
Pages 222
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That Jesus started his career as a disciple of John the Baptist is an idea that has gained almost universal recognition in the scholarly world. His coming from Galilee to be baptized by John in the river Jordan is the most compelling proof of Jesus' subordination to John. But quickly after John was executed Jesus started his own career, not as a disciple anymore, but as a teacher in his own right. In this book Osvaldo Vena makes the claim that throughout his ministry Jesus remained a disciple, not of John, but of a higher power, God, and God's kingdom. Thus, Jesus called men and women to join him as co-disciples as he went about proclaiming the nearness of the kingdom through word and action.In this work Vena contends that in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is presented as a prototype of true and faithful discipleship, a model to be followed and imitated by ancient as well as contemporary believers. This presentation amounts to an emerging Christology espoused by the early Markan community on the verge of destruction from outside forces, specifically the Jewish-Roman war, as well as internal divisions resulting from struggles for power in the community.

Simply Kingdom Simple Church Multiplying Disciples and Churches

Simply Kingdom  Simple Church  Multiplying Disciples and Churches Author Charles Kridiotis
ISBN-10 9781483446738
Release 2016-03-29
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“Charles Kridiotis has been serving the simple church movement in Sweden and Europe for many years in a mentoring and equipping role, forming teams that thrive. In this book Charles gives his perspective on the simple church movement as a practitioner. He describes the basics of the Kingdom that Jesus preached, how to make disciples, simple church life and leadership, and the multiplication of simple church groups and networks. The principles he shares are biblically founded and illustrated with real-life anecdotes from his own experience.” Marc van der Woude Dutch innovator, trend watcher, networker, founder of Simple Church Europe and publisher of Joel News International (, a weekly e-zine.

The Goal of Jesus and His Disciples

The Goal of Jesus and His Disciples Author
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The Goal of Jesus and His Disciples has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Goal of Jesus and His Disciples also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Goal of Jesus and His Disciples book for free.

Revelation the World Conquest of the Kingdom of God

Revelation  the World Conquest of the Kingdom of God Author John J. Melescue
ISBN-10 9781449783457
Release 2013-06
Pages 356
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The Interpretation of REVELATION by the Sanhedrin, Romans, and Disciples of Jesus Christ Inspired by the Devil, the Sanhedrin and Romans had slain the Lord Jesus, and now they were brutally murdering His disciples to rid the earth of His kingdom. Jesus had instructed His saints, “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord” (Rom. 12:19). Finally, the time for His vengeance had come—the avenging of the blood of His saints was at hand! He sent His hidden message in Revelation to His disciples to get out of His way. Then Almighty God filled the vials of wrath until they overflowed with His fury. The angels in heaven gave a harkening blast on the trumpets of war, shaking the very foundations of heaven and earth. And the armies of the Lord prepared for battle, for the great day of God’s wrath had come, and no one would be able to stand against it. This book will teach you the interpretation of Revelation for the three target audiences, along with all the metaphors Jesus strategically selected for His greatest parable of all: • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse• The Beast of the Land• The Beast of the Sea with Seven Heads and Ten Horns• The Land, Sea and Trees• The Mark of the Beast, and the Number of His Name: 666• The Two Super Witnesses• The Plague of Locusts• The Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets and Seven Vials of Wrath• The Three Heavens• The New Heaven and New Earth, and New Jerusalem• And much more!

From the Ascension to the Kingdom

From the Ascension to the Kingdom Author David C Westcott
ISBN-10 9781449704735
Release 2010-10-18
Pages 160
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Beginning with some background information on the Mount of Olives, the temples of Jerusalem, the Passover week, and the mindset of Jesus' disciples, this book employs this author's composite of the Olivet Discourse passage found in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, to expound upon the prophecies presented by Jesus to His closest disciples. After hearing His disciples' inquires, Jesus delineated details of events which would take place after His departure into heaven, up and through the time of His return to establish His Earthly Kingdom. The disciples were anticipating an immediate arrival of Jesus' Kingdom, but Jesus, knowing this, gave them an accounting of events which must take place prior to the establishment of that Kingdom. He began by giving a direct warning to the disciples, followed by an explanation of trials that they would personally encounter. Jesus then told these disciples about the demise of Jerusalem which would take place in 70 A.D. Following that, He spoke of the coldness of heart which will permiate the society in the end times. He gave them the "Abomination of Desolation" as a sign of the approach of the end of the age. Jesus detailed the events which will surround His return to set up His Earthly Kingdom. Moreover, through parables, Jesus taught His disciples and those who will His discourse the importance of being prepared for His return. In the final scene of this discourse, Jesus presents a picture of a judgment which will take place in preparation for the establishment of His Kingdom. There are many lessons to be learned through Jesus' presentation of the Olivet Discourse. This writer hopes that his readers will take to heart the lessons of this most prophetic disclosure on the end of the age.

Understanding the Kingdom of God

Understanding the Kingdom of God Author Ian Wilkinson
ISBN-10 9781453501610
Release 2009-01-24
Pages 85
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EVERY CHRISTIAN should read this book. It sets out clearly and simply what the kingdom of God is, exactly. You don’t need to have a master’s degree in theology to understand it, either. The Bible says, “Get wisdom and get understanding.” This book will build your comprehension in the vital and basic areas of the new birth, discipleship, daily devotions, and the Gospel of the kingdom. Jesus instructed us to seek first the kingdom of God. This book will help anyone who is intent on doing just that.

Kingdom of God Not a Place Called Heaven

Kingdom of God  Not a Place Called Heaven Author Apostle Stanley Onyenali
ISBN-10 9781612043210
Release 2013-05
Pages 220
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This book of faith makes us to realize that the kingdom of God lives in us, rather on us as a location up there. The kingdom of God is a spiritual location and not a geographical one. It is indeed a Kingdom of God, Not a Place Called Heaven. Ye as lively stones have been built up into a spiritual house (1 Peter 2:5) shows that man is a spirit even though he has a covering called the body. In other words, the kingdom of God is a life and not a location, even though this life also exists in a location. Jesus referred in the scripture about the kingdom of God in us rather on us and said, Neither shall they say, lo here: or lo there: behold, the kingdom of God is within you (Luke17:21). Those actually entering into the kingdom of God are not those just entering the heavens, they are not those entering into the earth, neither are those entering into the waters. But those who are actually entering into the kingdom of God are those entering into Christ, and while in Christ, no doubt they could exist in any location whether heaven or earth, since the kingdom of God is a life. Apostle Stanley Onyenali is a minister of the gospel of Christ in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.He writes because it is an inspiration from the holy spirit teaching me to demystify to the world what the kingdom of God is. He is working on his next book. Publisher's website: http: //

The Disciples Prayer

The Disciples  Prayer Author Ifeanyi Chris Agagbor
ISBN-10 9781604773125
Release 2007-10-01
Pages 88
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Following the prayer points outlined by Yehshua the Messiah in Matthew 6: 9-13, the author uses Scripture to expound on the magnificent richness and completeness of this most awesome prayer. (Motivation)

Growing Kingdom People

Growing Kingdom People Author Carol Cobb
ISBN-10 0615647677
Release 2012-09-26
Pages 294
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About "Growing Kingdom People"Today it is important that we, more than ever before, begin to produce kingdom-minded believers instead of church-minded believers. "Growing Kingdom People" is a course in discipleship that will lay a solid foundation in the life of a new believer or in the life of someone who has been in church for many years and wants to begin to experience the reality of the kingdom of God. From building relationship with God and overcoming the bondages of our past to learning how to be Christ-like and take dominion in our domain , "Growing Kingdom People" will help many chart a new course in their Christian experience.

House of Disciples

House of Disciples Author Michael H. Crosby
ISBN-10 9781592445059
Release 2004-01-28
Pages 360
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The household was the basic unit of the early church; it also constituted the basic unit of political economy until the Industrial Revolution. This richly detailed work uses the notion of house as a unifying theme, establishing the identity and concerns of the early Christian churches. What emphases did Matthew's gospel have for that audience - which Crosby establishes was urban-based and prosperous - and what does it mean to First World Christians today? Through an in-depth exploration of Matthew's gospel and its socioeconomic milieu, 'House of Disciples' shows how the world of the early church continues to challenge Christians nineteen hundred years later. It makes a unique contribution to both New Testament scholarship and the practice of a contemporary spirituality.

The Gospel of the Kingdom

The Gospel of the Kingdom Author United Church of God
ISBN-10 9780557680351
Release 2010-09-16
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Would you like to learn more about the glorious future Jesus Christ will usher in at His return called the Kingdom of God? Dozens of prophecies tell us how the world will be entirely transformed and all humanity taught a way of life that will bring peace, prosperity and productive, fulfilling lives. For a glimpse into this exciting new world, be sure to read this booklet. -- Inside this booklet: -- The Good News of the Kingdom of God -- Other Names For the Kingdom -- Are There Different Gospels? -- The Promise of a Coming Kingdom -- Is the Kingdom Here Now? -- Is The Kingdom Within You? -- Is the Church the Kingdom? -- How Are We 'Translated Into the Kingdom'? -- How is the Kingdom At Hand? -- The Ruler of a Kingdom of Spiritual Darkness -- Prophecies of the Coming Kingdom of God -- The Gospel of Jesus Christ: Salvation in the Kingdom -- Was Jesus Christ the Messiah? -- How You Can Enter the Kingdom

Kingdom Alignment for Prophetic Advancement Disciples Guide

Kingdom Alignment for Prophetic Advancement  Disciples Guide Author Frank McCormack
ISBN-10 1542918952
Release 2017-02-18
Pages 64
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This Guide is intended to help those who have a deeper desire to move into the greater works of The Prophetic, align to what the Kingdom of God wants to manifest, not only in their lives but also in the lives of those they encounter. This prophetic manual will help you uncover and unlock the progressives steps needed to freely flow in the direction of the Spirit through The Word of God. This prophetic guide is intended to impart a real sense of where The Spirit is leading in the times we are approaching through its revelations and activations. Prepare your heart to be stretched, as The Spirit aligns you to the works and motives of The Kingdom through the prophetic encounters that are about to embrace you. Get ready for Kingdom Alignment. This book will help you grow in the discernment of how the prophetic works and how to live a prophetic lifestyle. The primary focus of this manual is not about you ministering in the prophetic, but the prophetic ministering to you. This book is intended to allow you to "see," the many different facets that the prophetic spirit operates in. These predictive aspects of The Spirit are only the tip of the iceberg as we move through newer and deeper levels of what we have come to know of prophetic ministry. This prophetic manual is equipped with detailed hands-on instructions, opening you up to being taught by The Spirit of God. You will have to seek The Spirit in order to move forward in the assignments, revelations, and prophetic activations that are a part of this progression manual. The prophetic journey that is brought about through this guide will assist prophetic leaders in equipping believers, who have the heart for the advancement of The Kingdom in the earth. Remember, this is a process. The questions provided are to provoke you to search for a deeper prophetic insight, which can only be brought about by The Spirit of God. Some of the ways this Kingdom Alignment Leaders Revelation Guide can be used is through the individual study of the prophetic insights, revelations, and activations. Once one becomes familiar with the prophetic teaching, the Disciple's Guide, which is equipped with fill in questions and activations can be taught from the Leaders Guide and come into play for Small Study groups, I pray that you draw closer to The Spirit and encounter the Kingdom through the revelations brought about through this Kingdom Alignment Guide. May you see a prophetic revolution invade your life on Earth, as it is in Heaven. Come into Alignment with The Kingdom Frank Cyrus McCormack

Responsibilities of Jesus Disciples

Responsibilities of Jesus  Disciples Author Everton I. Anderson Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9781493123698
Release 2013-11-11
Pages 110
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UNDERSTANDING CHRIST MORAL STANDARDS FOR HIS DISCIPLES When can I be sure I am excelling in it? Where do I discover the pattern for it? How do I know if I am called for it? Why does God allow Christians to suffer for it? Understanding Christ Moral Standards for His Disciples is central to our Christian conduct. Responsibilities of Jesus’ Disciples will assist both the mature in faith and the new convert. It provides a nine lesson, verse-by-verse examination of the Sermon on the Mount. It is a comprehensive study of what Christ first taught His disciples concerning : Life as His follower; God’s favor and Suffering for Christ sake. “ Manor House logo ”

The Disciples Call

The Disciples  Call Author Christopher Jamison, OSB
ISBN-10 9781472558374
Release 2013-12-05
Pages 256
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There is currently no shared language of vocation among Catholics in the developed, post-modern world of Europe and North America. The decline in practice of the faith and a weakened understanding of Church teaching has led to reduced numbers of people entering into marriage, religious life and priesthood. Uniquely, this book traces the development of vocation from scriptural, patristic roots through Thomism and the Reformation to engage with the modern vocational crisis. How are these two approaches compatible? The universal call to holiness is expressed in Lumen Gentium has been read by some as meaning that any vocational choice has the same value as any other such choice; is some sense of a higher calling part of the Catholic theology of vocation or not? Some claim that the single life is a vocation on a par with marriage and religious life; what kind of a theology of vocation leads to that conclusion? And is the secular use of the word 'vocation' to describe certain profession helpful or misleading in the context of Catholic theology?