Intimate Connections

Intimate Connections Author David D. Burns
ISBN-10 0451148452
Release 1985
Pages 348
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In this breakthrough book, Dr. David Burns, M.D., author of the bestselling Feeling Good, applies the proven principles of Cognitive Therapy to eliminating the negative thinking and low self-esteem that causes loneliness and shyness. With sensible and sensitive advice, case histories, and revealing exercises, this step-by-step program shows you how to: * Pinpoint and rid yourself of attitudes that keep you apart from others * Master the techniques that make you feel and look more attractive * Deal with people who give you the runaround * Resist romantic temptations not in your best interest * Release inhibitions to conquer performance anxiety and enhance sexual pleasure * Develop fulfilling relationships . . . and more "Revelatory . . . Burns understands on a gut level."--The Chicago Tribune

Making Intimate Connections

Making Intimate Connections Author Albert Ellis
ISBN-10 1886230331
Release 2000
Pages 149
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A supremely helpful, user-friendly guide to better couple communications - From the author of Rational Emotive Behaviour and How to Make Yourself Happy - Includes seven guidelines for better communications: non-blaming acceptance, integrity, mutual support, appreciation, replacing irrational ideas and expectations with realistic attitudes - Offers dozens of real-life couple vignettes showing how to implement these guidelines into your own lives - An excellent breakthrough guide from the father of rational therapy! This is the first book to apply Dr. Ellis's famous rational behaviour therapy principles to intimate relationships. Chapters include: The Challenge of Accepting Reality, Challenging Your Shoulds and Musts, Accept Your Partner 'As Is', How to Influence and Not Control Each Other, How to Make Honest Work, How to Give Love, and much more.

Intimate Connections

Intimate Connections Author R. Winn Henderson M.D.
ISBN-10 9781620952252
Release 2011-12-30
Pages 20
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The principles set forth in this book represent the fastest way to develop intimacy (An intimate relationship is a particularly close relationship between two individuals). This concept deals with relationships....all types of relationships....relationships between parents and children, relationships between business associates, relationships between friends, and long term or dating relationships. Volume 1 deals with dating and long term relationships. Using “Stream of Consciousness Intimacy Truth Training” (SOCITT) one can accelerate the process of developing intimacy faster than by any other method (in most cases under 4 hours.) In a long term or dating relationship four different types of intimacy are addressed: 1-general, 2-emotional, 3-spiritual, and 4-physical, and they need to be developed in that order. It is sad but true that in long term relationships (like a marriage or a committed spiritual union) some or all of these different types of intimacy are partially or totally lacking. Would it not be better to find out if two people were incompatible in a few hours than finding out years later?

Between Earth and Sky

Between Earth and Sky Author Nalini Nadkarni
ISBN-10 9780520261655
Release 2009-10-28
Pages 336
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In Between Earth and Sky, a rich tapestry of personal stories, information, and illustrations, world-renowned canopy biologist Nalini M. Nadkarni becomes our captivating guide to the leafy wilderness above our heads. Through her luminous narrative, we embark on a multifaceted exploration of trees that reveals the profound connections we have with them, the dazzling array of things they can provide us, and the powerful lessons they teach us.

Food Parcels in International Migration

Food Parcels in International Migration Author Diana Mata-Codesal
ISBN-10 9783319403731
Release 2017-09-08
Pages 223
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This book takes food parcels as a vehicle for exploring relationships, intimacy, care, consumption, exchange, and other fundamental anthropological concerns, examining them in relation to wider transnational spaces. As the contributors to this volume argue, food and its related practices offer a window through which to examine the reconciliation of people’s localised intimate experiences with globalising forces. Their analyses contribute to an embodied and sensorial approach to social change by examining migrants and their families’ experiences of global connectedness through familiar objects and narratives. By bringing in in-depth ethnographic insights from different social and economic contexts, this book widens the understanding of the lived experiences of mobility and goes beyond the divide between origin and destination countries, therefore contributing to new ways of thinking about migration and transnationalism that take into consideration the materiality of global connections and the way such connections are embodied and experienced at the local level.

Intimate Connections microform a Phenomenological Study of Teaching in an Adult Learning Centre

Intimate Connections  microform    a Phenomenological Study of Teaching in an Adult Learning Centre Author Mellios, Jodi
ISBN-10 0612514188
Release 1999
Pages 384
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Intimate Connections microform a Phenomenological Study of Teaching in an Adult Learning Centre has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Intimate Connections microform a Phenomenological Study of Teaching in an Adult Learning Centre also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Intimate Connections microform a Phenomenological Study of Teaching in an Adult Learning Centre book for free.

Migrant Workers in Asia

Migrant Workers in Asia Author Nicole Constable
ISBN-10 9781317986799
Release 2013-09-13
Pages 232
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This book provides rich and provocative comparative studies of South and Southeast Asian domestic workers who migrate to other parts of Asia. These studies range from Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore, to Yemen, Israel, Jordan, and the UAE. Conceptually and methodologically, this book challenges us to move beyond established regional divides and proposes new ways of mapping inter-Asian connections. The authors view migrant workers within a wider spatial context of intersecting groups and trajectories through time. Keenly attentive to the importance of migrants of diverse nationalities who have labored in multiple regions, this book examines intimate connections and distant divides in the social lives and politics of migrant workers across time and space. Collectively, the authors propose new themes, new comparative frameworks, and new methodologies for considering vastly different degrees of social support structures and political activism, and the varied meanings of citizenship and state responsibility in sending and receiving countries. They highlight the importance of formal institutions that shape and promote migratory labor, advocacy for workers, or curtail workers rights, as well as the social identities and cultural practices and beliefs that may be linked to new inter-ethnic social and political affiliations that traverse and also transform inter-Asian spaces and pathways to mobility. This book was published as a special issue of Critical Asian Studies.

Friendship on Fire

Friendship on Fire Author Linda Miles
ISBN-10 9781436312219
Release 2008-12
Pages 232
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Maintaining a lasting, loving relationship starts by accepting that "happily ever after" is a myth. Friendship on Fire is a reality tale that gives practical and spiritual strategies for a passionate connection that lasts. Love is a fire; like a fire it explodes then when the fuel is gone it starts to die. You hold the matches needed to keep that fire aglow but under control. You are responsible for your relationship; build it on a Friendship on Fire. You need passion to keep the sparks flying and friendship for to keep them under control. Therapist Dr. Linda Miles shares secrets to successful and lasting relationships based on real life. She uses her more than thirty years of experience and research to explain what really works to keep the flames alive in simple, yet inspiring language. Friendship on Fire is loaded with tips that couples can implement to be more loving. It's up to you what you do with your matches.

Objects of Our Desire

Objects of Our Desire Author Salman Akhtar
ISBN-10 9780307421364
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 224
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What makes something sexy? Why are some things regarded as sacred and others profane? Why do mourners face such difficulty in parting with their beloved’s possessions? Why do we often feel distraught when we lose something, even when the object has little real value? We spend our lives in a meaningful dialogue with things around us. Sometimes the conversation is loud, as in a collector’s passion for coins or art. More often, the exchange is subtle and muted, even imperceptible. We are surrounded by things, and they affect our emotions and impact our thoughts. The arrival of a dozen flowers from a lover or a letter from a grandchild makes our day; an old photo album or an afghan knitted by a favorite aunt offers comfort when we are troubled. From exploring what makes something “beautiful” to why we place such value on antiques and artifacts from the past, Objects of Our Desire offers insights, both deep and delightful, into the ways we invest things with meaning and the powerful roles they play in our lives. Notice the inviting contours of that sofa, the glint of a knife’s edge, the sparkle of a diamond ring. Feel the softness of the pashmina around that woman’s milky shoulders. Look at the majesty of a large jet plane. Take in the somberness of a gravestone. Put on an old pair of shoes. Clutch a warm mug of freshly brewed coffee. Sit on a rocking chair. Feel the sumptuous leather seats of a new car. We are surrounded by things. We are involved with them, indebted to them. We speak to things and things speak to us. To say that we are interdependent is banal. Let us be courageous. Let us admit it: we are lovers. —From Objects of Our Desire From the Hardcover edition.

Intimacy on the Internet

Intimacy on the Internet Author Lauren Rosewarne
ISBN-10 9781317581420
Release 2016-04-14
Pages 270
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The focus of this book is on the media representations of the use of the Internet in seeking intimate connections—be it a committed relationship, a hook-up, or a community in which to dabble in fringe sexual practices. Popular culture (film, narrative television, the news media, and advertising) present two very distinct pictures of the use of the Internet as related to intimacy. From news reports about victims of online dating, to the presentation of the desperate and dateless, the perverts and the deviants, a distinct frame for the intimacy/Internet connection is negativity. In some examples however, a changing picture is emerging. The ubiquitousness of Internet use today has meant a slow increase in comparatively more positive representations of successful online romances in the news, resulting in more positive-spin advertising and a more even-handed presence of such liaisons in narrative television and film. Both the positive and the negative media representations are categorised and analysed in this book to explore what they reveal about the intersection of gender, sexuality, technology and the changing mores regarding intimacy.

Feminism is Queer

Feminism is Queer Author Mimi Marinucci
ISBN-10 9781783606788
Release 2016-06-15
Pages 224
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In Feminism is Queer, Mimi Marinucci provides a valuable introduction to the intimately related disciplines of gender and queer theory, and develops the innovative concept of queer feminism, which treats queer theory as being continuous with feminist theory. While there were significant conceptual tensions between second-wave feminism and traditional lesbian and gay studies, queer feminism offers a paradigm for understanding gender, sex and sexuality that overcomes this conflict in order to foster solidarity between those campaigning for women’s rights and those for LGBTQ rights. This updated and expanded edition engages with the latest developments in feminism and queer theory, including the new forms of both feminism and 'antifeminism' which have developed within online communities, the growing prominence of trans experiences in popular media, and the relevancy of queer feminism to a new generation of feminist activists. Feminism is Queer remains the indispensable guide for anyone with an interest in gender, sexuality, and the connections between feminism and queer issues.

New Netherland Connections

New Netherland Connections Author Susanah Shaw Romney
ISBN-10 9781469614250
Release 2014-04-28
Pages 336
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New Netherland Connections: Intimate Networks and Atlantic Ties in Seventeenth-Century America

Intimate Bonds

Intimate Bonds Author Jennifer L. Palmer
ISBN-10 9780812293067
Release 2016-07-28
Pages 280
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Following the stories of families who built their lives and fortunes across the Atlantic Ocean, Intimate Bonds explores how households anchored the French empire and shaped the meanings of race, slavery, and gender in the early modern period. As race-based slavery became entrenched in French laws, all household members in the French Atlantic world —regardless of their status, gender, or race—negotiated increasingly stratified legal understandings of race and gender. Through her focus on household relationships, Jennifer L. Palmer reveals how intimacy not only led to the seemingly immutable hierarchies of the plantation system but also caused these hierarchies to collapse even before the age of Atlantic revolutions. Placing families at the center of the French Atlantic world, Palmer uses the concept of intimacy to illustrate how race, gender, and the law intersected to form a new worldview. Through analysis of personal, mercantile, and legal relationships, Intimate Bonds demonstrates that even in an era of intensifying racial stratification, slave owners and slaves, whites and people of color, men and women all adapted creatively to growing barriers, thus challenging the emerging paradigm of the nuclear family. This engagingly written history reveals that personal choices and family strategies shaped larger cultural and legal shifts in the meanings of race, slavery, family, patriarchy, and colonialism itself.

Fragmented Intimacy

Fragmented Intimacy Author Peter J. Adams
ISBN-10 0387726616
Release 2007-12-20
Pages 340
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Here is the first major work that examines the benefits of applying social understanding to addiction. The author demonstrates how a social perspective shifts the paradigm from viewing a person in terms of "particles" to viewing a person in terms of relationships. This reorientation creates promising new opportunities for intervention. The book discusses recent advances in theories on community capacity building, resilience, and social ecology alongside their practical applications. Written in an engaging style, the book features numerous vignettes, key points, and illustrations that help you apply the material in your own practice.

Unexpected Intimacy

Unexpected Intimacy Author Cindy Gabriel
ISBN-10 9780980165609
Release 2008-05
Pages 192
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Unexpected Intimacy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Unexpected Intimacy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Unexpected Intimacy book for free.

Intimate Economies of Development

Intimate Economies of Development Author Chris Lyttleton
ISBN-10 9781136663420
Release 2014-04-11
Pages 228
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"Aspirations, desires, opportunism and exploitation are fundamental elements of the ways in which donor-driven development intervenes in the lives of people in poor countries. Alongside structural and material interventions, emotional engagements are central to processes of social change and the making of selves for those caught up in development's slipstream. Intimate Economies of Development: Mobility, Sexuality and Health in Asia elaborates this proposition by showing that culture, sexuality and health are inevitably and inseparably linked within specific trajectories of modernization in the Greater Mekong Sub-region. As mobility and migration increase and opportunities proliferate throughout Asia, different cultural groups increasingly interact as a result of both targeted interventions and all-consuming trends of socio-economic change; but they do so with different capabilities and expectations. This book engages with issues of moral frameworks and sexual rights discourses but uniquely grounds its arguments in interlocking details of people's everyday lives and aspirations in developing Asia. Part and parcel of this widening landscape of mobility and contingent intimacy is the ever-present threats of infectious disease, most prominently HIV/AIDS, and people-trafficking. Thus, impact assessment and targeted interventions aiming to address negative consequences frequently accompany infrastructure development. This path-breaking book, drawn on more than 20 years of ethnographic research in the Mekon region, shows clearly how current models of mitigation are inadequate as subjective experiences and aspirations are profoundly enmeshed in strategies of livelihood improvement. "--

The Intimate Archive

The Intimate Archive Author Maryanne Dever
ISBN-10 9780642276827
Release 2009
Pages 198
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The Intimate Archive examines the issues involved in using archival material to research the personal lives of public people, in this case of Australian writers Marjorie Barnard (1897-1987), Aileen Palmer (1915-1988) and Lesbia Harford (1891-1927). The book provides an insight into the romantic experiences of the three women, based on their private letters, diaries and notebooks held in public institutions. Maryanne Dever, Ann Vickery and Sally Newman consider the ethical dilemmas that they faced while researching private material, in particular of making conclusions based on material that was possibly never intended by its subjects to be consumed publically. In this sense, the book is both an introverted contemplation of private affairs and an extroverted meditation on the right to acquire and assume intimate knowledge.