Finish Your Dissertation Once and for All

Finish Your Dissertation Once and for All Author Alison B. Miller
ISBN-10 1433804158
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 181
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Combining psychological support with a project management approach, an experienced dissertation coach shows readers how to overcome negativity and succeed beyond their own expectations.

Finish Your Dissertation Before You Die

Finish Your Dissertation Before You Die Author Joseph E. Nolan, Ph.D.
ISBN-10 1522976922
Release 2016-01-22
Pages 142
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The drop out rate for Doctoral students is around 30%. Many do not finish the coursework, some do not pass comprehensive exams, but the majority who do not finish could not complete their dissertation. This book is for those beginning their doctoral program, those who are in the middle of the program, those about to embark on their dissertation, but most importantly, it is for those who may be stuck in the dissertation for whatever reason. This book, written as a hyperlinked User's Manual, addresses these topics in short bite sized chapters. Note: First Edition was entitled "Smart Doctor: Getting through your Dissertation and Beyond. This expanded edition includes more examples and includes the whole of "Finish your proposal in 30 days" and stresses the steps necessary after Proposal approval all the way to using your completed dissertation for career advancement.

How Finish Your Dissertation in Six Months or Less Even if You Don t Know What to Write

How Finish Your Dissertation in Six Months or Less  Even if You Don t Know What to Write Author Scott Rank
Release 2015-09-03
Pages 21
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It is possible to finish your thesis in 6 months, even if you don’t know what to write or haven’t finished your research. In this short ebook, Scott Rank distills the principles that helped him go from crippling writer’s block to writing 500-1000 words a day. In this book you will learn the following: A simple daily habit that will help you start writing your dissertation How to make it impossible not to write everyday How to write even if all your research isn’t finished How to get the most out of your advisor meetings How to get your friends actively help you finish, even if they aren’t academics.

Dissertation Solutions

Dissertation Solutions Author Bradley Axelrod
ISBN-10 9781610488686
Release 2012-10-16
Pages 120
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New graduate students are often unaware of the many hazards and pitfalls that occur during the dissertation process: intensive schedules, dwindling motivation, difficult or unavailable mentors, and research and publication complications. Lacking the experience and wherewithal to successfully overcome or avoid these impetuses for derailment, many students are unable to complete the dissertation process, losing sight somewhere in between reading, studying, collecting data, and writing a thesis. Based on the authors’ inside knowledge and extensive experience, Dissertation Solutions provides graduate students with the basic tools and skills to help them navigate the whole process with minimal damage, making the whole process of planning, researching, and writing more manageable. This thorough, but concise guide will help even the most naïve graduate student become experts in navigating and surviving their graduate experiences. Outlining the dissertation process, explaining the key players involved, and offering advice to help complete any research project, this book will also provide overwhelmed, intimidated, or just reluctant students with the motivation required to complete this arduous project.

Writing History in the Digital Age

Writing History in the Digital Age Author Jack Dougherty
ISBN-10 9780472052066
Release 2013-10-28
Pages 283
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"Writing History in the Digital Age began as a one-month experiment in October 2010, featuring chapter-length essays by a wide array of scholars with the goal of rethinking traditional practices of researching, writing, and publishing, and the broader implications of digital technology for the historical profession. The essays and discussion topics were posted on a WordPress platform with a special plug-in that allowed readers to add paragraph-level comments in the margins, transforming the work into socially networked texts. This first installment drew an enthusiastic audience, over 50 comments on the texts, and over 1,000 unique visitors to the site from across the globe, with many who stayed on the site for a significant period of time to read the work. To facilitate this new volume, Jack Dougherty and Kristen Nawrotzki designed a born-digital, open-access platform to capture reader comments on drafts and shape the book as it developed. Following a period of open peer review and discussion, the finished product now presents 20 essays from a wide array of notable scholars, each examining (and then breaking apart and reexamining) how digital and emergent technologies have changed the ways that historians think, teach, author, and publish"--

Your Graduate Training in Psychology

Your Graduate Training in Psychology Author Peter J. Giordano
ISBN-10 9781412994934
Release 2011-10-26
Pages 326
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Your Graduate Training in Psychology takes current and upcoming graduate students beyond the typical concerns of enrolling into graduate school and guides them on how to complete graduate school successfully. Unlike other books that focus on how to get into graduate school, this book directly addresses the major issues that students confront during their graduate training in psychology. A carefully selected cadre of expert authors in their respective areas illuminate the broad range of processes, practices, and procedural issues that face graduate students in both masters and doctoral programs. Ordered chronologically, from the first year of graduate school (Settling In) to what students need to know as they finish (Winding Down and Gearing Up), students will learn the key skills needed to succeed in all aspects of their academic and professional careers while in school and after beginning a professional career.

Women s Ways of Making It in Rhetoric and Composition

Women s Ways of Making It in Rhetoric and Composition Author Michelle Ballif
ISBN-10 9781135627782
Release 2010-03-17
Pages 352
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This volume explores how women in the fields of rhetoric and composition have succeeded, despite the challenges inherent in the circumstances of their work. Focusing on those women generally viewed as "successful" in rhetoric and composition, this volume relates their stories of successes (and failures) to serve as models for other women in the profession who aspire to "make it," too: to succeed as women academics in a sea of gender and disciplinary bias and to have a life, as well. Building on the gains made by several generations of rhetoric and composition scholars, this volume provides strategies for a newer generation of scholars entering the field and, in so doing, broadens the support base for women in the field by connecting them with a greater web of women in the profession. Offering frank discussion of professional and personal struggles as well as providing reference materials addressing these concerns, solid career advice, and inspirational narratives told by women who have "made it" in the field of rhetoric and composition, this work highlights such common concerns as: dealing with sexism in the tenure and promotion process, maintaining a balance between career and family, struggling for scholarly and/or administrative respect, mentoring junior women, finding one’s voice in scholarship, and struggling to say "no" to unrewarded service work The profiles of individual successful women describe each woman’s methods for success, examine the price each has paid for that success, and pass along the advice each has to offer other women who are beginning a career in the field or attempting to jumpstart an existing career. With resources and general advice for women in the field of rhetoric and composition to guide them through their careers—as they become, survive, and thrive as professionals in the discipline – this book is must-have reading for every woman making her career in the rhetoric and composition fields.

Completing a Professional Practice Dissertation

Completing a Professional Practice Dissertation Author Jerry W. Willis
ISBN-10 9781607524410
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 419
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A growing number of both established and newly developed doctoral programs are focusing on the preparation of practitioners rather than career researchers. Professional doctorates such as the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Doctor of Education (EdD), Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), Doctor of Professional Studies (DProf or DPS), and the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) are, in fact, just a few of the professional doctorates being offered today. Professional doctorates are the fastest growing segment of doctoral education. The nature of the dissertation and the process of completing a dissertation can be quite different in a professional practice doctoral program but there are few resources for both students and faculty involved in completing and mentoring such dissertations. This book was written specifically for students and faculty involved in professional practice dissertation work. It addresses both the tasks and procedures that professional practice dissertations have in common with dissertations in "research" doctoral programs as well as the tasks and issues that are more common in professional practice doctoral programs. For example, negotiating entry into applied settings and securing the cooperation of practicing professionals is covered, as are alternative models for the dissertation (e.g., the "three article dissertation" or "TAD"). The book also covers tasks such as getting IRB approval for applied dissertation research conducted in the field and how to propose and carry out studies based on applied and professional models of research. This book, written by three experienced mentors of professional practice dissertation students, is the comprehensive guide for both students and faculty.

Dissertation and Research Success

Dissertation and Research Success Author Timothy A. Delicath and Robin Buckley
ISBN-10 9781479764297
Release 2013-02-21
Pages 212
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It would be easier to quit. Completing a doctoral program is not easy, and trying to complete a dissertation at the end of your program when the last of your energy and motivation is hanging by a string, can seem insurmountable. So, yes, it would be easier to quit. There are even individuals out in the world who proudly use the acronym “ABD” (all-but-dissertation) as their terminal “degree” on resumes, business cards and such. But in all honesty, I can tell you what ABD really stands for—quitting. You’ve invested too much time, energy and money into your doctoral experience to give up. With that being said, this is not an easy journey. Finding resources and support to help you navigate through your doctoral program in the most efficient and painless way is an absolute.

The Academic Job Search Handbook

The Academic Job Search Handbook Author Julia Miller Vick
ISBN-10 9780812223408
Release 2016-02-25
Pages 400
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The Academic Job Search Handbook is a comprehensive guide to finding a faculty position in any academic discipline. For more than twenty years, job seekers have relied on this resource for help in their search for faculty positions. The new fifth edition provides updated advice and addresses current topics in today's competitive market.

How to Get a Good Degree

How to Get a Good Degree Author Philip Race
ISBN-10 9780335235223
Release 2007-12-01
Pages 272
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This book will help to unlock the secrets to getting a good degree and all the benefits that can come from it.

Beyond The Pride and The Privilege

Beyond The Pride and The Privilege Author Agustina Purnamasari
ISBN-10 9781623969080
Release 2014-11-01
Pages 171
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Attrition among doctoral students has become a perennial issue in higher education (Gardner, 2009; Golde, 2000) as 40 to 60 percent of doctoral students do not complete their program of study (Bair &Haworth, 2005). Such outcomes are inconsistent with the rigorous evaluation that occurs prior to being accepted into a doctoral program (Bair & Haworth, 2005). Despite deemed levels of student excellence, promise and efforts made by programs to counter student departure (Offerman, 2011), attrition rates remain alarmingly high (Bair & Haworth, 2005; Gardner, 2009). The purpose of this book is to provide a view into doctoral student worklives and their efforts to find a balance between often seemingly conflicting responsibilities. In addition to contributing to the ongoing dialogue on worklife balance in doctoral studies (Brus, 2006; Golde, 1998; Moyer, Salovey, & CaseyCannon, 1999), the intention of this book is to provide other doctoral students with potential coping mechanisms, guidance, and assurance that they are not alone in this process. Lastly, we anticipate that these doctoral student narratives will help illuminate potential strategies that doctoral programs, departments, and institutions can incorporate in their efforts to help students successfully complete their program of study. As such the intended audience is doctoral students, higher education professionals, faculty members, and educational leaders.

Destination Dissertation

Destination Dissertation Author Sonja K. Foss
ISBN-10 0742554406
Release 2007
Pages 368
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Dissertations aren't walls to scale or battles to fight; they are destinations along the path to a professional career. This friendly guide helps doctoral students develop and write their dissertations, using travel as a metaphor. This time-tested method comes from the authors' successful work at the Denver-based Scholars' Retreat. Following concrete and efficient steps for completing each part of the dissertation, it includes a wealth of examples from throughout the dissertation process, such as creating the dissertation proposal and coding data. It is essential for all PhD candidates

The Five Day Dissertation

The Five Day Dissertation Author Charlie Freeman
ISBN-10 1516956044
Release 2015-08-18
Pages 112
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What if you could use specific tools to finish your dissertation in five days? What if you got a higher grade than anyone you knew?Based on the best-selling lecture, The Five Day Dissertation will completely reconstruct the way you write your dissertation and have you finished in a fraction of the time. Inside this book are specific processes, explanations and guidelines to have you finished before, and well ahead of, your peers.Whether your dream is achieving a first in five days or simply using simple tools to become a thousand times productive in your work, this book is the blueprint.This step-by step guide in dissertation productivity includes:* A full dissertation with everything included for your own reference.* Techniques to go from 200 words and eight hours per day per day to 2000 words a day and six hours.* Tools to take even the simplest sentence and make it dissertation level in complexity.* How to completely outsource your bibliography and footnotes to have tools do the work for you in minutes.* guide outlines for all of your chapters, simply follow along. * How to eliminate 80% of unnecessary work using productivity principles used in other areas of life.This book will give you not only the tools and techniques, but also the confidence to produce a first-class dissertation in a fraction of the time. It will be your friendly and essential companion and take you step-by-step through writing from your first idea to the final hurdles.You will be taught the simple but crucial touches that quickly and easily increase your final mark. You will be guided through writing in detailed chapter outlines with the'place your own topic here' approach. This guide is ideal for any student undertaking a BA or MA dissertation in their university course, be it in Social Science, Sports Nutrition, Fashion, Graphic Design, Law, Business, Psychology, English, Media, - even Maths and Physics students have benefitted from the productivity tips and tools included within.

Cracking a Ph D

Cracking a Ph D Author Lindawati
ISBN-10 9789811021527
Release 2016-09-23
Pages 197
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This book offers valuable insights into completing your Ph.D., and subsequently finding and excelling at a job. Further, it highlights other opportunities that a Ph.D. can offer, aside from the research and academic aspects. The book focuses on the five stages that Ph.D. candidates normally go through: joining a Ph.D. programme, starting a Ph.D. course, conducting research, writing their dissertation and finally, looking for the ideal job. Serving as an extensive “cheat sheet”, it explains the options and choices that need to be made to join and complete a Ph.D. programme; setting expectations; selecting a research topic; celebrating the completion of a Ph.D. programme, and most importantly, how one can continue to develop after its completion. With a bonus chapter in each stage that describe the perspectives and expectations from different people or organizations, this book shares vital lessons, showing readers how to apply them to a range of situations to create a successful Ph.D. ecosystem.

Finish Your Dissertation Don t Let It Finish You

Finish Your Dissertation  Don t Let It Finish You Author Joanne Broder Sumerson
ISBN-10 9781118416358
Release 2013-10-29
Pages 208
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An all-inclusive, practical guide to help you design, conduct, and finish your academic dissertation—with minimal drama Sharing the secrets for successfully navigating through the dissertation and thesis process while maintaining your sanity, Finish Your Dissertation, Don't Let It Finish You! presents comprehensive coverage of the entire dissertation process, from selecting a committee and choosing a research topic to conducting the research and writing and defending your dissertation. Joanne Broder Sumerson follows the sequential flow of a dissertation, to help you move through the process in a logical, step-by-step manner, with an abundance of practical examples and useful tips on: Proper dissertation etiquette—smarts and strategies for managing the committee Breaking ground on your study The anatomy of the five chapters of your dissertation Making a compelling argument for why your study should be done Creating an exemplary literature review The best practices in research design Getting official approval from the Institutional Review Board Organizing your freshly collected data Concluding your dissertation Presenting a smooth oral defense

How To Do Your Dissertation in Geography and Related Disciplines

How To Do Your Dissertation in Geography and Related Disciplines Author Senior Lecturer Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department of Postgraduate Medical Education Tony Parsons
ISBN-10 9781317909200
Release 2015-02-11
Pages 204
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This book provides undergraduates with a step-by-step guide to successfully carrying out an independent research project or dissertation. The book addresses each stage of the project by answering the questions that a student is likely to ask as the work progresses from choosing the subject area and planning the data collection through to producing illustrations and writing the final report. Most undergraduates in geography and related disciplines are required to undertake individual projects as part of their degree course; this book is a source of constructive, practical advice. This new third edition continues the tradition of friendly, well-informed but informal support, and continues to focus on answering the specific questions that students typically ask at each stage of the project. The new edition brings the text completely up to date by taking into account changes within the discipline and changes in the ways that students work. New digital media, social networking, mobile technology, e-journals, anti-plagiarism software, ethics approval rules and risk assessments are among the issues that this new edition takes into account. The new edition also broadens the book’s appeal by extending its coverage of the wide range of different approaches to geographical research, with expanded coverage of qualitative research, Geographic Information Systems, and new approaches to research design in both physical and human geographies