Economics Author Partha Dasgupta
ISBN-10 9780192853455
Release 2007-02-22
Pages 172
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Combining a global approach with examples from everyday life, this work describes the lives of two children who live very different lives in different parts of the world: in the Mid-West USA and in Ethiopia. Along the way, it provides an introduction to key economic factors and concepts such as individual choices, national policies, and equity.

Der unvern nftige Kunde

Der unvern  nftige Kunde Author Florian Bauer
ISBN-10 9783864146251
Release 2014-02-14
Pages 224
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Alle Unternehmen wollen die Kaufentscheidungen von Kunden zu ihren Gunsten beeinflussen. Umso erstaunlicher ist es, dass dem konkreten Ablauf des Entscheidungsprozesses beim Kunden, dem Kaufakt selbst, kaum Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt wird – meist wird einfach ein rationaler Konsument unterstellt. Die Ergebnisse der Behavioural Economics zeigen jedoch völlig unzweifelhaft , dass Menschen nicht vernünftig entscheiden. Es wird Zeit, dass diese Erkenntnisse in den Unternehmen profitabel angewendet werden. Die Autoren verdeutlichen hier anschaulich, wie die Erkenntnisse der Behavioural Economics auf Unternehmen übertragen werden können. Sie entwickeln ein psychologisches Modell der Kaufentscheidung, das auch unvernünftiges menschliches Verhalten umfasst und damit vorhersagbar macht.

The Economics of the Roman Stone Trade

The Economics of the Roman Stone Trade Author Ben Russell
ISBN-10 9780199656394
Release 2014-01
Pages 449
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Russell provides an examination of the production, distribution, and use of carved stone objects in the Roman world. Focusing on the market for stone and its supply, he offers an assessment of the practicalities of stone transport and how the relationship between producer and customer functioned even over considerable distances.


Economics Author Hugh Stretton
ISBN-10 0745315313
Release 1999-10-20
Pages 852
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‘Exactly what is needed for the thoughtful student. It introduces the different skills required in economics.’ --G.C. Harcourt, Cambridge University

Recht und Verhalten

Recht und Verhalten Author Christoph Engel
ISBN-10 3161491440
Release 2007
Pages 414
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English summary: Behavioral economics, which aims at giving economics more realistic behavioral underpinnings, has its legal counterpart in what US lawyers have called Behavioral Law and Economics. The field investigates the limitations of economic analysis from both a theoretical and an empirical angle, and studies the significance of these insights for the law. The papers in this volume address the ensuing issues of legal theory, examine the relevance of behavioral research for individual fields of law, and explore the chances for a direct cooperation between the law and psychology. German description: Recht und Okonomie haben sich viel zu sagen. Doch auch wenn der homo oeconomicus ein uberaus fruchtbares intellektuelles Instrument ist, ist das okonomische Verhaltensmodell doch kein theoretischer Generalschlussel, mit dem sich alles menschliche Verhalten erklaren liesse. Vielmehr gibt es zahlreiche Situationen, in denen Menschen in einer Weise agieren, die aus einer streng okonomischen Perspektive nicht zu erklaren ist. Vor allem in Kooperation mit der Psychologie und durch das Aufkommen einer experimentellen Okonomik gilt das Interesse vieler Okonomen mittlerweile vermehrt solchen Konstellationen, in denen Modellprognosen und Realitat auseinander klaffen. Diese an realistischem Verhalten interessierte Verhaltensokonomik hat in den USA ihren rechtswissenschaftlichen Niederschlag in einer Forschungsrichtung gefunden, die sich 'Behavioral Law and Economics' nennt. Sie deckt die Grenzen okonomischer Analyse mit Hilfe verhaltenswissenschaftlicher Theorie und Empirie auf und fragt nach der Bedeutung dieser Einsichten fur das Recht. Die Autoren der Beitrage in diesem Band beleuchten rechtstheoretische Grundfragen der Theorierezeption und untersuchen die Relevanz verhaltenstheoretischer Forschung fur einzelne Rechtsgebiete und die Moglichkeiten einer direkten Kooperation von Rechtswissenschaft und Psychologie.

Gender and Economics

Gender and Economics Author Christine Bauhardt
ISBN-10 3531164856
Release 2010-04-27
Pages 308
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Dieser Band führt umfassend in die feministische Diskussion zur politischen Ökonomie ein. Internationale Wissenschaftlerinnen aus den Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften stellen hier eine systematische Kritik von Theorien und Modellen des traditionellen ökonomischen Denkens dar. Ausgehend von zentralen ökonomischen Kategorien wie Geld, Tausch und Rationalität werden alternative Perspektiven auf Handels-, Sozial- und Wirtschaftspolitik entwickelt.


Economics Author Richard Lipsey
ISBN-10 9780199563388
Release 2011-03-24
Pages 677
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The twelfth edition of this bestselling textbook has been revised and updated to offer Economics students a comprehensive introduction to Economics and its core principles. New case studies and boxed examples, in-depth explanations and an expanded Online Resource Centre will help students to progress with their studies.

The Economics of Beer

The Economics of Beer Author Johan F. M. Swinnen
ISBN-10 9780191505010
Release 2011-10-27
Pages 400
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Beer has been consumed across the globe for centuries and was the drink of choice in many ancient societies. Today it is the most important alcoholic drink worldwide, in terms of volume and value. The largest brewing companies have developed into global multinationals, and the beer market has enjoyed strong growth in emerging economies, but there has been a substantial decline of beer consumption in traditional markets and a shift to new products. There is close interaction between governments and markets in the beer industry. For centuries, taxes on beer or its raw materials have been a major source of tax revenue and governments have regulated the beer industry for reasons related to quality, health, and competition. This book is the first economic analysis of the beer market and brewing industry. The introduction provides an economic history of beer, from monasteries in the early Middle Ages to the recent 'microbrewery movement', whilst other chapters consider whether people drink more beer during recessions, the effect of television on local breweries, and what makes a country a 'beer drinking' nation. It comprises a comprehensive and unique set of economic research and analysis on the economics of beer and brewing and covers economic history and development, supply and demand, trade and investment, geography and scale economies, technology and innovation, health and nutrition, quantity and quality, industrial organization and competition, taxation and regulation, and regional beer market developments.

The Economics of Organised Crime

The Economics of Organised Crime Author Gianluca Fiorentini
ISBN-10 0521629551
Release 1997-08-14
Pages 301
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This book uses economic theory to analyze the different aspects of organized crime. The theory of rent-seeking is adopted to help understand the origin of criminal organizations, while modern industrial organization theory is used to explain the design of internal rules. The market behavior of organized crime is analyzed, the "crime and economics" approach being applied to the analysis of corruption that occurs when the organized crime sector and the government collude to exploit their monopoly on rule-making. Each chapter outlines the normative results of the analysis in order to design more sophisticated deterrence policies.

The New Economics

The New Economics Author William Edwards Deming
ISBN-10 0262541165
Release 2000
Pages 247
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"... competition, we see now, is destructive. It would be better if everyone would work together as a system, with the aim for everybody to win. What we need is cooperation and transformation to a new style of management." In this book W. Edwards Deming details the system of transformation that underlies the 14 Points for Management presented in Out of the Crisis. The system of profound knowledge, as it is called, consists of four parts: appreciation for a system, knowledge about variation, theory of knowledge, and psychology. Describing prevailing management style as a prison, Deming shows how a style based on cooperation rather than competition can help people develop joy in work and learning at the same time that it brings about long-term success in the market. Indicative of Deming's philosophy is his advice to abolish performance reviews on the job and grades in school. Previously published by MIT-CAES


Economics Author Walter J. Wessels
ISBN-10 0764112740
Release 2000
Pages 593
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Barron's Business Review Books make excellent supplements to college text-books or serve as fine main texts in adult education courses or business brush-up programs.

Experimental Economics

Experimental Economics Author Douglas D. Davis
ISBN-10 0691043175
Release 1993-01
Pages 572
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A small but increasing number of economists have begun to use laboratory experiments to evaluate economic propositions under carefully controlled conditions. Experimental Economics is the first comprehensive treatment of this rapidly growing area of research. While the book acknowledges that laboratory experiments are no panacea, it argues cogently for their effectiveness in selected situations. Covering methodological and procedural issues as well as theory, Experimental Economics is not only a textbook but also a useful introduction to laboratory methods for professional economists. Although the authors present some new material, their emphasis is on organizing and evaluating existing results. The book can be used as an anchoring device for a course at either the graduate or advanced undergraduate level. Applications include financial market experiments, oligopoly price competition, auctions, bargaining, provision of public goods, experimental games, and decision making under uncertainty. The book also contains instructions for a variety of laboratory experiments.

The Economics of Innovation

The Economics of Innovation Author G. M. P. Swann
ISBN-10 9781781007747
Release 2014-05-14
Pages 301
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This text provides a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the economics of innovation, written for those with some basic knowledge of economics.

Economics and Sociology

Economics and Sociology Author Richard Swedberg
ISBN-10 0691003769
Release 1990-01
Pages 361
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The boundary between economics and sociology is presently being redefined--but how, why, and by whom? Richard Swedberg answers these questions in this thought-provoking book of conversations with well-known economists and sociologists. Among the economists interviewed are Gary Becker, Amartya Sen, Kenneth Arrow, and Albert O. Hirschman; the sociologists include Daniel Bell, Harrison White, James Coleman, and Mark Granovetter. The picture that emerges is that economists and sociologists have paid little attention to each other during most of the twentieth century: social problems have been analyzed as if they had no economic dimension and economic problems as if they had no social dimension. Today, however, there is a dialogue between the two fields, as economists take on social topics and as sociologists become interested in rational choice and "new economic sociology." The interviewees describe how they came to challenge the present separation between economics and sociology, what they think of the various proposals to integrate the fields, and how they envision the future. The author summarizes the results of the conversations in the final chapter. The individual interviews also serve as superb introductions to the work of these scholars.

Public sector economics

Public sector economics Author Robert Millward
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105037927238
Release 1983
Pages 283
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Public sector economics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Public sector economics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Public sector economics book for free.

Public Economics

Public Economics Author Gareth D. Myles
ISBN-10 0521497698
Release 1995-11-23
Pages 546
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A rigorous, self-contained textbook covering all the central topics in public economics.

Input output Economics

Input output Economics Author Wassily W. Leontief
ISBN-10 9780195035278
Release 1986
Pages 436
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This collection of writings provides the only comprehensive introduction to the input-output model for which Leontief was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1973. The structural approach to economics developed by Leontief, and known as input-output analysis, paved the way for the transformation of economics into a truly empirical discipline that could utilize modern data processing technology. This thoroughly revised second edition includes twenty essays--twelve of which are new to this edition--that reflect the past developments and the present state of the field. Beginning with an introductory chapter, the book leads the reader into an understanding of the input-output approach--not only as formal theory but also as a research strategy and powerful tool for dealing with a complex modern economy.