Chopsticks Author Hashi-San
ISBN-10 0943233232
Release 1991
Pages 91
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This charming book for lovers of Asian food and people interested in Asian culture and the rituals of eating is bursting with fascinating stories and drawings about chopsticks and Asian cookery. Complete with a set of chopsticks attached to the spine, Chopsticks! teaches readers how to use these wonderful instruments. Line drawings.


Chopsticks Author Q. Edward Wang
ISBN-10 9781107023963
Release 2015-01-26
Pages 224
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Offers a pioneering account of the history of chopsticks, charting their evolution in Asian food culture to the present day.

Dancing with Dragons

Dancing with Dragons Author Moni Lai Storz
ISBN-10 9780957763104
Release 1999
Pages 149
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The Chopsticks people of Asia remain a frustrating challenge for most of us competing in the global marketplace. Using ‘silence’ as a language and the bamboo mind as a weapon for negotiations, who are the Chopsticks people? Forming nearly a third of the world’s population, they are the Chopsticks users: Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamese. How can we best understand them for global business? How do we communicate and negotiate with them successfully? How do we manage and work with them more easily? How do we sell and market to these people more effectively? In Dancing with Dragons, Dr Moni Lai Storz takes as her starting point the spiritual beliefs of these people and reveals how these shape the unconscious psyche and culture of the Chopsticks people. From this framework, she arrives at ways of doing business with them more effectively and successfully. Being a global nomad and also a Chopsticks person herself, she discloses the secrets behind the ‘dance of the dragons’ when dealing with these Chopsticks people. This book shows the global nomad how to cross cultures with ease and confidence. Dr Storz provides a foundation for understanding these Chopsticks people and offers tools and useful tips for global nomads working in Chopsticks cultures. Refreshingly easy to read, this book also has case studies of global nomads and their families living and working in this challenging environment. This is a book every executive should read and keep in their briefcase for reference when flying to their next global appointment.


Chopsticks Author
ISBN-10 PSU:000058124376
Release 2006-01
Pages 32
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A small mouse named Chopsticks who lives on a floating restaurant in China becomes friends with a carved wooden dragon who wants to fly, and on the night of the full moon, during Chinese New Year, they share a high-flying adventure with the help of Old Fu, the dragon's creator.

Untangling My Chopsticks

Untangling My Chopsticks Author Victoria Abbott Riccardi
ISBN-10 9780307492401
Release 2008-12-18
Pages 304
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Two years out of college and with a degree from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Victoria Riccardi left a boyfriend, a rent-controlled New York City apartment, and a plum job in advertising to move to Kyoto to study kaiseki, the exquisitely refined form of cooking that accompanies the formal Japanese tea ceremony. She arrived in Kyoto, a city she had dreamed about but never seen, with two bags, an open-ended plane ticket, and the ability to speak only sushi-bar Japanese. She left a year later, having learned the language, the art of kaiseki, and what was truly important to her. Through special introductions and personal favors, Victoria was able to attend one of Kyoto’s most prestigious tea schools, where this ago-old Japanese art has been preserved for generations and where she was taken under the wing of an American expatriate who became her mentor in the highly choreographed rituals of this extraordinary culinary discipline. During her year in Kyoto, Victoria explored the mysterious and rarefied world of tea kaiseki, living a life inaccessible to most foreigners. She also discovered the beguiling realm of modern-day Japanese food—the restaurants, specialty shops, and supermarkets. She participated in many fast-disappearing culinary customs, including making mochi (chewy rice cakes) by hand, a beloved family ritual barely surviving in a mechanized age. She celebrated the annual cleansing rites of New Year’s, donning an elaborate kimono and obi for a thirty-four-course extravaganza. She includes twenty-five recipes for favorite dishes she encountered, such as Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl, Japanese Beef and Vegetable Hotpot, and Green-Tea Cooked Salmon Over Rice. Untangling My Chopsticks is a sumptuous journey into the tastes, traditions, and exotic undercurrents of Japan. It is also a coming-of-age tale steeped in history and ancient customs, a thoughtful meditation on life, love, and learning in another land.

What You Never Knew about Fingers Forks and Chopsticks

What You Never Knew about Fingers  Forks  and Chopsticks Author Patricia Lauber
ISBN-10 9780689851001
Release 2002-07-01
Pages 40
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Describes changes in eating customs throughout the centuries and the origins of table manners.

Chopsticks Only Work in Pairs

Chopsticks Only Work in Pairs Author Shanshan Du
ISBN-10 023150473X
Release 2002-12-11
Pages 256
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-- Emily Chao, The China Quarterly

Fried Eggs with Chopsticks

Fried Eggs with Chopsticks Author Polly Evans
ISBN-10 9780440336396
Release 2006-09-26
Pages 320
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Polly Evans’s itinerary for China was simple: travel by luxurious high-speed train and long-distance bus, glide along the Grand Canal and hike up scenic mountains. Instead, the linguistically impaired adventurer found herself on a primitive sleeper-minibus where sleep was out of the question; perched atop a tiny mule on a remote mountain pass; and attempting a dubious ferry ride down the Yangtze River. Polly was getting to know China in a way she’d never expected–and would never, ever forget. From battling six-year-olds in kung-fu class to discovering Starbucks in Hangzhou, Polly relives her Asian adventure with humor, enthusiasm, frustration, and determination. Whether she’s viewing the embalmed cadaver of Chairman Mao or drinking yak-butter tea, this is Polly’s eye-opening account of a culture torn between stunning modern architecture and often bizarre ancient mysteries…and of her attempt to solve the ultimate gastronomic conundrum: how exactly does one eat a soft-fried egg with chopsticks From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Story of Chopsticks

The Story of Chopsticks Author Ying Chang Compestine
ISBN-10 9781597021203
Release 2017-11-03
Pages 36
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Poor Kùai! The youngest boy in the Kang family never gets enough to eat. One day he comes up with a brilliant plan: he will use sticks to grab the food when it’s too hot to touch. Soon his entire family is eating with sticks! Then comes a big wedding the entire village will attend… with a delicious feast to mark the occasion. Along with presents, Kùai sneaks in his sticks. Will the sticks be a hit? Or will Kùai be in the biggest trouble of his life? Enjoy the first adventure of the Kang brothers who discovered some of China's most amazing inventions — now with a new bilingual Chinese translation!

Miss Chopsticks

Miss Chopsticks Author Xinran
ISBN-10 9781407065748
Release 2010-03-30
Pages 272
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Sisters Three, Five and Six don't have much education, but they know two things for certain: their mother is a failure because she hasn't produced a son, and they only merit a number as a name. Women, their father tells them, are like chopsticks: utilitarian and easily broken. But when they leave their home in the countryside to seek their fortune in the big city, their eyes are suddenly and shockingly opened. Together they find jobs, make new friends, and learn more than a few lessons about life...

Maggie s Chopsticks

Maggie s Chopsticks Author Alan Woo
ISBN-10 9781554536191
Release 2012
Pages 32
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When Maggie gets chopsticks, she has difficulty using them and everyone at the table seems to have a different advice on holding them.

Tractors and Chopsticks

Tractors and Chopsticks Author Roy Tucker
ISBN-10 9780595347988
Release 2005-03
Pages 116
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Roy S. Tucker left Oklahoma State University in 1941 to enlist in the Army, where he served as Platoon Commander with the 57th Signal Battalion. Roy's unit took part in the invasions at Anzio, Salerno, and Southern France during World War II. Soon after the war ended, Roy went to Washington, DC, to look for a job. He was hired by the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) to work as a Tractor Driver Instructor in China.Roy and his wife E.J. were married on December 8, 1945. Roy traveled to China in April 1946, with E.J. following about eight months later after her departure was delayed by a longshoremen's strike in San Francisco. The letters E.J. wrote to her mother from China are included in a section of Tractors and Chopsticks. Other sections include correspondence related to the UNRRA Project and numerous photographs taken by Roy.Margo Tucker, daughter of Roy and E.J., was instrumental in getting Roy's book published. Margo graduated from Peru State College in Peru, Nebraska, in 1983 with a major in social psychology. Margo is a Montessori Certified directress, and she has traveled extensively in Western Australia and Europe.

Chopsticks in the Land of Cotton Lives of Mississippi Delta Chinese Grocers

Chopsticks in the Land of Cotton  Lives of Mississippi Delta Chinese Grocers Author Professor of Psychology Emeritus John Jung
ISBN-10 9781257144419
Release 2013-03-12
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The story of how a few Chinese immigrants found their way to the Mississippi River Delta in the late 1870s and earned their living with small family operated grocery stores in neighborhoods where mostly black cotton plantation workers lived. What was their status in the segregated black and white world of that time and place? How did this small group preserve their culture and ethnic identity? "Chopsticks in the Land of Cotton"is a social history of the lives of these pioneering families and the unique and valuable role they played in their communities for over a century.

Chopsticks and Gambling

Chopsticks and Gambling Author Desmond Lam
ISBN-10 9781351528573
Release 2017-07-28
Pages 188
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The Chinese are known throughout the world as avid gamblers with a long history of participation in games of chance. Historians have documented wagering on such games as far back as the early Chinese dynasties. Despite measures by ancient Chinese rulers to contain gambling, it proliferated, and Chinese games have evolved and multiplied since then. Desmond Lam provides a unique look into the little-known world of Chinese gambling from historical, cultural, psychological, and social perspectives.Chinese gamblers regularly patronize casinos in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The recent expansion of gambling in East Asia has attracted much global media attention. Macau, the only place in China where casino gambling is now legal, easily surpasses Las Vegas as the world's largest casino gaming market. Each year, Chinese from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan account for almost 90 percent of visitors to Macau.The expansion of the Chinese gambling industry has brought about much harm to Chinese communities, despite all of the development it has also stimulated. This book is the first to examine the beliefs, motivations, attitudes, and behaviors of Chinese gamblers, and will be of interest to students of history and sociology, as well as those studying the history and culture of China.

Time Zones Beer Left Handed Chopsticks

Time Zones  Beer   Left Handed Chopsticks Author Bruce Blanton
ISBN-10 9781604140200
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 206
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Time Zones Beer Left Handed Chopsticks has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Time Zones Beer Left Handed Chopsticks also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Time Zones Beer Left Handed Chopsticks book for free.

Blood on My Chopsticks

Blood on My Chopsticks Author Patrick Flink
ISBN-10 9780557559305
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 126
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A collection of poetry, short stories, and other various pieces of writing. A brief literary journey.

Chopsticks for My Noodle Soup

Chopsticks for My Noodle Soup Author Susan E. Goodman
ISBN-10 0761315527
Release 2000
Pages 31
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A photographic record of a five-year-old Connecticut girl's year in a remote village in eastern Malaysia.