Building Accessible Websites

Building Accessible Websites Author Joe Clark
ISBN-10 073571150X
Release 2003
Pages 415
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Using a strategic approach to the issues in a journalistic style, this book will be a foundation for how people think about this issue going forward-the first book people would read on the topic, before delving into the minutiae of the moment. With lawsuits and human-rights complaints proliferating, and with simple awareness of accessibility percolating through the industry, soon it will be hard to find a web shop that won't be producing accessible sites, whether it presently has the experience and know-how or not. Government mandates, lawsuits from disability groups, more non-English speaking web users, and an increasing population of Web-enabled devices make this a vital topic.

Practical Approaches For Designing Accessible Websites

Practical Approaches For Designing Accessible Websites Author Smashing Magazine
ISBN-10 9783945749227
Release 2015-08-27
Pages 152
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We design with viewports in mind, keep track of loading times, and hunt down even the smallest browser bugs — all to create the best possible user experience. But despite all these efforts to constantly improve our products, there’s still one aspect that, unfortunately, comes up short quite often: accessibility. With the help of this ebook, you will gain a deeper understanding of common accessibility pitfalls and learn to circumvent them to create a better experience for everyone. As you will see, with accessibility in mind, we can serve many more people than we already do. It’s about time to finally remove the existing barriers and build a more inclusive web — the effort is reasonable, and all our users will benefit from it. TABLE OF CONTENTS: - Accessibility APIs: A Key To Web Accessibility - Accessibility Originates With UX: A BBC iPlayer Case Study - Mobile And Accessibility: Why You Should Care And What You Can Do About It - Making Modal Windows Better For Everyone - Notes On Client-Rendered Accessibility - Design Accessibly, See Differently: Color Contrast Tips And Tools - Designing For The Elderly: Ways Older People Use Digital Technology Differently

Getting StartED Building Websites

Getting StartED Building Websites Author Alexander Dawson
ISBN-10 9781430225188
Release 2011-01-28
Pages 688
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Website design and development can be a minefield for beginners. Where do you start? What languages should you learn? What techniques should you use to produce your site? What should you put on your site? How do you make it look appealing? How do you update it? This book takes into account the most frequently asked website design and development questions and gives you straightforward answers. No experience required in this step-by-step guide to website design and development Presents the important techniques you need to learn in easy-to-follow examples Takes the confusion out of languages, technologies, and all the important elements of the development process

Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites

Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites Author Antony Kennedy
ISBN-10 9781430232889
Release 2011-04-27
Pages 432
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Although web standards-based websites can scale effectively—and basic CSS will give you basic results—there are considerations and obstacles that high traffic websites must face to keep your development and hosting costs to a minimum. There are many tips and tricks, as well as down-to-earth best practice information, to make sure that everything runs quickly and efficiently with the minimum amount of fuss or developer intervention. Targeted at "high traffic" websites—those receiving over 10,000 unique visitors a day—Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites gives you inside information from the professionals on how to get the most out of your web development team. The book covers the development processes required to smoothly set up an easy-to-maintain CSS framework across a large-volume website and to keep the code reusable and modular. It also looks at the business challenges of keeping branding consistent across a major website and sustaining performance at a premium level through traffic spikes and across all browsers. Defensive coding is considered for sites with third-party code or advertising requirements. It also covers keeping CSS accessible for all viewers, and examines some advanced dynamic CSS techniques. What you’ll learn The value of process Making reusable, robust, and modular CSS How to maximize the performance of your site Integrating with third parties How to keep branding consistent Best practices for cross-browser and accessible CSS Dynamic CSS techniques Who this book is for This book is for Web developers building and maintaining premium, successful, high-traffic websites using web standards. This book will also help team leaders responsible for code that will be shared over multiple projects, as well as project managers with a high churn of contract staff. Table of Contents The Value of Process CSS Style Guide Fundamentals Frameworks and Integration Brand Implementation CSS and Accessibility Devices Performance Dynamic CSS Testing and Debugging Creating your CSS Appendix 1: CSS Standards Guide Appendix 2: Accessibilitiy Guidelines Appendix 3: Browser Support Guidelines Appendix 4: Development Process

Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites

Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites Author Kevin Potts
ISBN-10 9781430202622
Release 2007-11-25
Pages 400
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This book teaches you all you need to know to create effective web sites for businesses of all sizes. It’s packed with useful tips and practical examples. First you are taken through the planning stage, including overall site structure, grouping content, using content and language effectively, and planning for accessibility. Next, you are shown how to effectively design the different parts of your site as well as how to add specialized improvements, including feedback forms and search functionality. The examples focus largely on CSS and HTML, but the principles are applicable to any site and some useful Flash examples are also provided.

Approaches to Developing Accessible Learning Experiences

Approaches to Developing Accessible Learning Experiences Author Jane Seale
ISBN-10 9781317969952
Release 2013-10-18
Pages 160
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For the past five to ten years researchers have been developing tools and guidelines for developing accessible e-learning experiences for students with disabilities. Despite this, very few practitioners in higher education are confident that they know how to develop accessible e-learning experiences. This is prompting researchers to work with practitioners in order to develop meaningful approaches to addressing accessibility; ones that facilitate the development of a clear conceptualisation of why and how practice can be changed to meet the varied needs of students. This book describes these approaches and explores the extent to which they might challenge current thinking and understanding. Topics covered include: approaches to developing accessible multimedia and learning objects holistic approaches to developing accessible e-learning and blended learning experiences institutional and programme approaches to addressing accessibility issues. Exploration and discussion of these topics will challenge practitioners to reconceptualise their understanding of ‘best practice’ in relation to accessibility and e-learning and offer directions for future practice and development. This book was previously published as a special issue of Alt-J.

Building Websites with Joomla 1 5

Building Websites with Joomla  1 5 Author Hagen Graf
ISBN-10 9781847195319
Release 2008-03-28
Pages 384
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The best-selling Joomla! tutorial guide updated for the latest 1.5 release.

Web Standards Creativity

Web Standards Creativity Author Andy Budd
ISBN-10 9781430203902
Release 2007-04-30
Pages 288
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This is the ultimate in inspirational, high-level web design books. There is no attempt to teach the basics CSS or JavaScript — competency is already assumed. This book brings together 12 of the world's most talented web designers to share their secrets with the reader. The techniques discussed cover the full spectrum of essential web design topics, and readers will find enough innovation inside that they will keep coming back to the book again and again to improve their work. The book, presented in full color, is completely standards-compliant, and up-to-date, including discussions of IE 7 support.

Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and CSS in One Hour a Day

Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and CSS in One Hour a Day Author Laura Lemay
ISBN-10 0768690013
Release 2006-06-08
Pages 840
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Sams Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML and CSS in One Hour a Day is a new edition of the best-selling book that started the whole HTML/web publishing phenomenon. The entire book has been revised and refined to reflect current web publishing practices and technologies. It includes extensive coverage of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), which have become a staple in web development. You'll have no problem learning from expert author Laura Lemay's clear and approachable writing style. Simple, step-by-step instructions with lots of practical, interesting examples of web pages will guide you as you master current web publishing technologies and practices.

Building Scalable Web Sites

Building Scalable Web Sites Author Cal Henderson
ISBN-10 0596555245
Release 2006-05-16
Pages 352
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Learn the tricks of the trade so you can build and architect applications that scale quickly--without all the high-priced headaches and service-level agreements associated with enterprise app servers and proprietary programming and database products. Culled from the experience of the lead developer, Building Scalable Web Sites offers techniques for creating fast sites that your visitors will find a pleasure to use. Creating popular sites requires much more than fast hardware with lots of memory and hard drive space. It requires thinking about how to grow over time, how to make the same resources accessible to audiences with different expectations, and how to have a team of developers work on a site without creating new problems for visitors and for each other. Presenting information to visitors from all over the world Integrating email with your web applications Planning hardware purchases and hosting options to have as much as you need without breaking your wallet Partitioning and distributing databases to support large datasets and simultaneous transactions Monitoring your applications to find and clear bottlenecks * Providing services APIs and using services from other providers to increase your site's reach and capabilities Whether you're starting a small web site with hopes of growing big or you already have a large system that needs maintenance, you'll find Building Scalable Web Sites to be a library of ideas for making things work.

Build a Website for Free

Build a Website for Free Author Mark William Bell
ISBN-10 9780133134926
Release 2012-11-13
Pages 384
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Build yourself a state-of-the-art website. It’s incredibly easy…and it won’t cost you a dime! You need a website. But you don’t need the hassles that usually go with building one or the expense of hiring someone else to do it. Here’s your solution: Build a Website for Free! You’ll learn how you can use current technologies to create a site that’s impressive and effective. And here’s the best part: You’ll do it all with software and tools that won’t cost you a dime! Plan, organize, and design a site that really works, using tools you can find for free Discover the simple secrets of writing pages people want to read Explore HTML5 and JavaScript Use video on your site–and get someone else to pay for hosting it Add an easy-to-update blog and start building your own web community Quickly and easily handle “nuts and bolts” tasks, from getting your site name to uploading your content Get your site picked up by Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines Adapt your site for easy viewing on smart phones and tablets.

Computers Helping People with Special Needs

Computers Helping People with Special Needs Author Klaus Miesenberger
ISBN-10 9783540223344
Release 2004-06-25
Pages 1191
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs, ICCHP 2004, held in Paris, France, in July 2004. The 172 revised contributions presented were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the book. The papers evaluate how various fields in computer science can contribute to helping people with various kinds of disabilities. Among the technical fields evaluated are information systems, Web and Internet, the information society, computer-assisted education, human-computer interaction, interface design, virtual reality, mobile computing, ubiquitous computing, pervasive computing, assistive technology, multimedia, display technology, haptic computing, audio interfaces, and societal and administrative issues.

Pro HTML5 Accessibility

Pro HTML5 Accessibility Author Joshue O Connor
ISBN-10 9781430241959
Release 2012-06-09
Pages 386
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Pro HTML5 Accessibility helps designers come to grips with building exciting, accessible and usable web sites and applications with HTML5. The book covers how to use HTML5 in order to serve the needs of people with disabilities and older persons using assistive technology (AT). It aims to be a useful ‘go-to’ guide, providing practical advice. It takes several approaches, including a look at the new semantics of HTML5 and how to combine its use with authoring practices you know from using earlier versions of HTML. It also demonstrates how HTML5 content is currently supported (or not) by assistive technologies such as screen readers, and what this means practically for accessibility in your web projects. The HTML5 specification is huge, with new APIs and patterns that can be difficult to understand. Accessibility can also seem complex and nuanced if you have no experience interacting with people with disabilities. This book walks you though the process of designing exciting user interfaces that can potentially be used by everyone, regardless of ability. Accessibility is really a quality design issue, and getting it right is often more a matter of approach than having sophisticated, cutting-edge tools at your disposal. This book will be your companion in your journey to understand both HTML5 and accessibility, as the author has many years of experience as a designer and web developer working directly with people with all types of disabilities. He has been involved with the development of HTML5 from an accessibility perspective for many years, as a member of the W3C WAI Protocols and Formats working group (which is responsible for ensuring W3C specifications are serving the needs of people with disabilities) as well as the HTML5 Working Group itself. Introduces the new HTML5 specification from an accessibility perspective Shows how incorporating accessibility into your interfaces using HTML5 can have benefits for all users Explains how HTML5 is currently supported by assistive technologies like screen readers, and how to work around these limitations when developing

Building Websites with Joomla

Building Websites with Joomla Author Hagen Graf
ISBN-10 9781847190765
Release 2006-03-01
Pages 323
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This book focuses on taking you through the essential tasks to create a Joomla! site as fast as possible. These essential tasks are explained clearly, with well structured step-by-step instructions. The book does not aim to cover every feature of Joomla! nor is it a comprehensive guide to extending Joomla!. Almost everything in the book is accomplished without recourse to the underlying PHP code in which Joomla! is written. The book is very readable and the author has a particularly chatty and engaging writing style. This book is suitable for web developers, designers, webmasters, content edit.

Build Your Own Standards Compliant Website Using Dreamweaver 8

Build Your Own Standards Compliant Website Using Dreamweaver 8 Author Rachel Andrew
ISBN-10 PSU:000056175455
Release 2005-10-05
Pages 335
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Create standards-compliant and accessible Web sites with Dreamweaver that will work across a broad range of browsers and platforms, are easier to develop, maintain, download, and index, and are accessible to disabled users. Original. (Intermediate)

HTML5 Foundations

HTML5 Foundations Author Matt West
ISBN-10 9781118432693
Release 2012-11-19
Pages 384
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Master innovative and eye-catching website design with the exciting new Treehouse Series of books Turn plain words and images into stunning websites using HTML5 and this beautiful, full-colour guide. Taking you beyond the constraints of prebuilt themes and simple site building tools, this new Treehouse book combines practicality with inspiration to show you how to create fully customized, modern, and dazzling websites that make viewers want to stop and stay. The exciting new Treehouse Series of books is authored by Treehouse experts and packed with innovative design ideas and practical skill-building. If you're a web developer, web designer, hobbyist, or career-changer, every book in this practical new series should be on your bookshelf. Part of the new Treehouse Series of books, teaching you effective and compelling website development and design, helping you build practical skills Provides career-worthy information from Treehouse industry pros and trainers Explains HTML5 basics, such as how to format text, add scripts to pages, and use HTML5 for audio and video Also covers hypermedia, CSS and JavaScript, embedding video, geolocation, and much more Leverage pages of dazzling website design ideas and expert instruction with a new Treehouse Series book.

100 Steps for Improving Your Website and eBusiness Effective Tips for Building a Better Web Business

100 Steps for Improving Your Website and eBusiness   Effective Tips for Building a Better Web Business Author
ISBN-10 9780977218004
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100 Steps for Improving Your Website and eBusiness Effective Tips for Building a Better Web Business has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from 100 Steps for Improving Your Website and eBusiness Effective Tips for Building a Better Web Business also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full 100 Steps for Improving Your Website and eBusiness Effective Tips for Building a Better Web Business book for free.