A Welcome Murder

A Welcome Murder Author Robin Yocum
ISBN-10 9781633882645
Release 2017-04-04
Pages 263
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After his unspectacular professional baseball career ends with a knee injury in Toledo, Ohio, Johnny Earl gets busted for selling cocaine. After serving seven years in prison, all he wants to do is return to his hometown of Steubenville, retrieve the drug money he stashed before he went to jail, and start a new life where no one has ever heard of Johnny Earl. However, before he can leave town with his money, Johnny is picked up for questioning in the murder of Rayce Daubner, the FBI informant who had set him up on drug charges in the first place. Then his former prison cellmate shows up--a white supremacist who wants the drug money to help fund an Aryan nation in the wilds of Idaho. Five memorable characters, each with a separate agenda, come together in this layered tale of murder, deceit, and political intrigue.

A Welcome Grave

A Welcome Grave Author Michael Koryta
ISBN-10 9781444714005
Release 2012-11-08
Pages 368
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Lincoln Perry was once a rising star on the Cleveland police force, until he was kicked out after he got in a fight with Alex Jefferson, the millionaire his fiancée left him for. When Jefferson is tortured and murdered, it isn't long before the police are at Lincoln's door asking questions. Things go from bad to worse when Lincoln agrees to do a favour for Jefferson's widow - track down the dead man's son who has unknowingly inherited his millions. What should be a routine search for a missing person ends with the son's body lying in the morgue and Lincoln in jail. Lincoln realises that Jefferson's millions are the target of a thirst for revenge that hasn't been satisfied by blood. But soon Lincoln is being pursued by a pair of deadly assailants and under pressure from the police, who are determined to put him back behind bars, if he survives long enough to make it there . . .

Death is a Welcome Guest

Death is a Welcome Guest Author Louise Welsh
ISBN-10 9781848546554
Release 2015-06-04
Pages 384
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Longlisted for the Theakstons Old Peculiar Crime Novel of the Year Magnus McFall was a comic on the brink of his big break when the world came to an end. Now, he is a man on the run and there is nothing to laugh about. Thrown into unwilling partnership with an escaped convict, Magnus flees the desolation of London to make the long journey north, clinging to his hope that the sickness has not reached his family on their remote Scottish island. He finds himself in a landscape fraught with danger, fighting for his place in a world ruled by men, like his fellow traveller Jeb - practical men who do not let pain or emotions interfere with getting the job done. This is a world with its own justice, and new rules. Where people, guns and food are currency. Where survival is everything. Death is a Welcome Guest defies you to put it down, and leaves you with questions that linger in the mind long after you read the last page.

Murder Most Welcome

Murder Most Welcome Author Nicola Slade
ISBN-10 9780719810978
Release 2013-06-30
Pages 224
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Outwardly a grieving young Victorian widow, Charlotte Richmond is concealing some scandalous secrets when she arrives at Finchbourne Manor to start a respectable new life with her husband's family.The wealthy Richmonds must never discover that her husband Frampton's recent death in the Indian Mutiny came as a great relief to Charlotte. Nor must they hear about the rumours circulating in the army regarding both his scandalous behaviour and money missing from the officers' mess. His death has also been the subject of speculation and Charlotte must take care not to spill any secrets. Above all she must make certain that nobody in her new life hears of her own adventurous upbringing in Australia, knowing that any whisper about her past would cause her to be sent packing.When the past catches up with Charlotte, and a murder is committed, she begins to fear for her own life.

Making a Welcome

Making a Welcome Author Maria Poggi Johnson
ISBN-10 9781621891222
Release 2011-11-08
Pages 124
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Making a Welcome combines an engaging personal story with an examination of the meaning and possibilities of hospitality, both as a domestic practice much in need of revival, and as a fundamental Christian orientation, with emotional, intellectual and spiritual implications. Maria Poggi Johnson draws on her knowledge of the Christian tradition, and on two decades of personal experience of trying to welcome well, to consider what happens when we open our homes to others, what is involved in offering a genuine welcome, and how the skills we develop in doing so can shape our relationships with our spouses, with the society around us, with our own beliefs and commitments, and with God. Illustrated by stories drawn from Scripture, literature, film, and from the author's own experience, Making a Welcome challenges readers to discover the life-changing practice of true hospitality, not only in their homes, but in all aspects of their lives

ANNIE HAYNES Ultimate Collection of Golden Age Murder Mysteries Complete Inspector Furnival Inspector Stoddart Series Thriller Classics

ANNIE HAYNES   Ultimate Collection of Golden Age Murder Mysteries  Complete Inspector Furnival   Inspector Stoddart Series  Thriller Classics Author Annie Haynes
ISBN-10 9788026866374
Release 2016-07-04
Pages 1258
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ANNIE HAYNES Ultimate Collection of Golden Age Murder Mysteries Complete Inspector Furnival Inspector Stoddart Series Thriller Classics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from ANNIE HAYNES Ultimate Collection of Golden Age Murder Mysteries Complete Inspector Furnival Inspector Stoddart Series Thriller Classics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full ANNIE HAYNES Ultimate Collection of Golden Age Murder Mysteries Complete Inspector Furnival Inspector Stoddart Series Thriller Classics book for free.

Murder In The Ashram

Murder In The Ashram Author Kathleen McCaul
ISBN-10 9780748118816
Release 2011-04-07
Pages 320
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Ruby Jones has moved to Delhi to pursue her dreams of becoming an international news journalist. But when the body of Stephen Newby, her flatmate and best friend, is pulled from the Yamuna River - and the mystery around his death becomes more and more mysterious - she puts her investigative instincts to good use as she tries to uncover who's responsible. Ruby's questions take her deeper and deeper into the world of Indian policing - and into the heart of a yoga ashram. She discovers that the yoga world isn't always the calm, spiritual place advertised, but that beneath the breathing exercises and dog poses lies something sinister - something that she's certain points to dark, hidden secrets that could have huge repercussions for all involved if discovered . . .

Murder in Baker Company

Murder in Baker Company Author Cilla McCain
ISBN-10 9781569765555
Release 2010-01-04
Pages 312
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Using court transcripts, personal interviews, and police records to retrace the key events of the case, this journey to uncover the truth about what happened to Richard Davis provides a disturbing, eye-opening look into the problems of today's military. After surviving tours in Bosnia and Iraq, Davis was mercilessly tortured and ultimately murdered before his remains were set on fire in the woods of Georgia. Four members of his own platoon were arrested for the crime. When one was asked why they set Richard on fire, his answer was both cold and revealing: Because that's the way we got rid of bodies in Iraq. There is no other case on record in which American soldiers have killed one of their own in such a twisted manner. They were home. They were alive. So the only question is, why? This is not only the exploration of the heinous murder of a soldier; it is also a call to action for U.S. citizens to provide support and necessary programs for veteran reentry and reassimilation into U.S. society.

Murder by False Promise

Murder by False Promise Author J.M. Dixen
ISBN-10 9781300002840
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 238
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Mikelena Pearson, a psychologist for 10 years with TWF Healthcare, was used to being on-call and responding to police requests for assistance with a suicidal or homicidal patient. But this time, when a SWAT team Lieutenant calls her to a precarious circumstance with a homicidal patient, it's different. What follows shocks her, as another side to the TWF corporation starts to emerge; their devious motives, greed, and personal perversions are uncovered that appear responsible for the growing number of TWF psychiatry department victims.

Murder at the Pentagon

Murder at the Pentagon Author Margaret Truman
ISBN-10 9780804152846
Release 2014-09-17
Pages 336
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"Margaret Truman has become a first-rate mystery writer." LOS ANGELES TIMES BOOK REVIEW When a genius doctor is murdered and a desert madman gains the means to kill millions, Major Margit Falk, a helicopter pilot and Pentagon lawyer, is drawn into Project Safekeep--an antimissile scheme under congressional investigation. The alleged murderer has his share of secrets, but Falk smells conspiracy in the air. And although she turns to her mentor, law professor Mackenzie Smith for help, she's got to beat a cunning madman and a nuclear blast.... An Alternate Selection of the Literary Guild

Gift Wrapped For Murder

Gift Wrapped For Murder Author Connie Shelton
Release 2015-12-02
Pages 944
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Come visit New Mexico at Christmas! Three full-length books and a novella by USA Today and international bestselling author, Connie Shelton. Featuring the characters from both of her popular cozy mystery series, each of these stories features a holiday setting that is sure to whet your appetite for the season! "Shelton again has done a superb job in bringing New Mexico to life in her colorful, vivid description..." -- Albuquerque Journal "Connie Shelton gets better with every book she writes." -- The Midwest Book Review Sweet Holidays This book is third in the Samantha Sweet mystery series which features a fifty-something woman who breaks into houses for a living. Her sideline business—baking delectable cakes and goodies—has now blossomed into a full-time pastry shop and Sam is about to experience her first Christmas season as entrepreneur, which she juggles with the commitments of her previous job and a budding romance with Beau Cardwell, the county sheriff. Honeymoons Can Be Murder This book is sixth in the Charlie Parker mystery series, in which Charlotte “Charlie” Parker finds herself drawn somewhat against her better judgment into the cases that come into her family private investigation firm. This time, Charlie and her husband Drake—newlyweds—have been given the chance for an extended Christmas-season honeymoon at a cozy cabin in the snowy mountains near Taos, New Mexico. While the fireplace burns brightly indoors, a new mystery presents itself and Charlie becomes wrapped up in a puzzle involving false murder accusations, stolen artifacts, and someone whose actions mean to leave Charlie to die in the cold. Buried Secrets Can Be Murder Charlie Parker is hoping for a holiday season without drama but that just isn’t going to happen. Her office assistant’s baby is due any moment, her brother is engaged to a woman Charlie is only now beginning to know, and her social calendar is becoming incredibly full. When she and Drake are invited to a soiree at a showplace historic home, she’s eager to go. But before she can fully settle in and enjoy the season, a disturbing case comes through the door at RJP Investigations and Charlie can’t turn away the distraught man whose life was ripped apart by the disappearance of his children several years earlier. She has to do everything in her power to make his family holiday a happy one, even if the effort might very well destroy her own. Holidays Can Be Murder This Christmas novella brings together all that we love about the holidays—special foods, plenty of sweets, and visiting mothers-in-law. Charlie is about to host Drake’s mother for the week and isn’t at all sure how that will work out. They make ready for the visit with all the extras that make a New Mexico Christmas so special—setting out luminarias, hanging the outdoor lights, putting up the tree, making green chile stew and hoping for snow. It should be perfect. It would be perfect, except for the murder that happens right in their neighborhood. (Includes two bonus New Mexico holiday recipes.)

Murder Most Academic

Murder Most Academic Author David Stewart
ISBN-10 9780595333349
Release 2004-12
Pages 212
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Jeremy Brand, professor of popular culture at Calloway State University, becomes involved in solving a double murder with the help of his good friend Harriet Strong, chief of police. Brand, a nationally-known wine expert, shares with the chief an interest in wine, and they meet once or twice a week to share a bottle of wine and talk about wine-related things. Wine talk changes to a discussion of criminal activity when a request for help with a colleague's tenure case escalates into an investigation of academic fraud, blackmail, arson and murder. When Brand begins looking into the first murder, he discovers the dean's secret notes about the faculty in hidden files in his computer. Knowledge of these secrets turns out to be explosive in more sense than one. The identification of the murderer takes place at a wine tasting, proving once again the truth of the saying, in vino veritas.

Murder By Proxy

Murder By Proxy Author Robert A. Busch
ISBN-10 1475927630
Release 2012-05-25
Pages 200
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Dermatologist Dr. Richard Carnes ran a successful clinic, but for various reasons several Former patients felt justified in being angry enough at him to want him dead. Someone stabbed him to death, in the heart, one early Saturday evening. Was it a former patient? Or was it someone else...his wife? His lawyer? Or was it merely because of a robbery that got out of hand? What had been the killer’s motive? Vengeance seemed to be a possible motive, but the widow may have had another reason, and attorney Justin Douglas stood to gain the largest financial benefit from the doctor’s death. The Orange Grove, Florida police team of Beth Reed and Bob Garcia put their heads together to find the killer and establish the motive, simultaneously finding clues about each other that could put their careers in jeopardy.

Murder on the Cocktail Circuit

Murder on the Cocktail Circuit Author Charles Gibb
ISBN-10 1462089801
Release 2000-04-17
Pages 320
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Navy SEAL Commander Scotty Ferguson, who received the Medal of Honor in Vietnam, is sent covertly to the Flagship of the Sixth Fleet on the pretense of protecting the ship and admiral. His real orders are to be available to the President, on a moment’s notice, to enter Libya and locate an atomic bomb factory that has the capability to place the bomb inside a laptop computer. He is assisted by the lovely CIA agent Alexandra Thorton.

Two Egg Rolls and a Side of Murder

Two Egg Rolls and a Side of Murder Author Carly Carter
ISBN-10 9781941543016
Release 2014-04-12
Pages 268
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There’s nothing like a murder to kill the romance on date night. Joy-Li Judson, Harpeth Hollow’s vintage loving sleuth certainly didn’t expect to be on a murder case during dinner at The Imperial Wok. It’s mayhem and murder for personal shopper Joy-Li and her boyfriend Kyle when the body of local podiatrist, Dr. Bai Wang is discovered at the Chinese restaurant. Dr. Wang’s death is a shock to the entire community. The kindly podiatrist hosts Harpeth Hollow’s annual Foot Ball. The proceeds from the charity ball provides shoes and foot care for underprivileged children in Tennessee. Why would anyone want to kill such a generous doctor? Who knew date night could be so dangerous? Joy-Li Judson is a vintage obsessed fashion blogger, and crime solving sleuth. She’s a Chinese-American with a Middle Tennessee accent. She has a day job as a personal shopper for a fancy department store. Our girl is unafraid of couture, obsessed with thrifting vintage and, is confident in the face of danger. Joy-Li Judson never turns her back on a good sale or a good murder.

A Welcome Tragedy Factors that Led to the U S Dakota Conflict of 1862

A Welcome Tragedy  Factors that Led to the U S    Dakota Conflict of 1862 Author Colin Mustful
ISBN-10 9781300153337
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A Welcome Tragedy Factors that Led to the U S Dakota Conflict of 1862 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Welcome Tragedy Factors that Led to the U S Dakota Conflict of 1862 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Welcome Tragedy Factors that Led to the U S Dakota Conflict of 1862 book for free.

An Unsolved Murder

An Unsolved Murder Author Anna Bain-Marie
ISBN-10 9781462027200
Release 2011-06-22
Pages 136
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Sitting at the bar at the class reunion, two friends pored over their copies of the reunion booklet. One page listed all of the students who had passed away since graduation. Pointing to a name, one asked, "Isn't that the girl who was found murdered by the side of the road? They never found out who did it, but everyone thinks they know something...." Her friend leaned forward and whispered a name. "Why do you think so?" the woman asked, her eyes flashing. "Just a hunch...there's no evidence." was the reply. Her friend glared as someone joined them at the bar, and the conversation wandered into safer subjects. Sitting on her bed in the dark later that night, she began to remember...